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Cinderella Paris

Cinderella Paris - an audio story, adapted from the legend of Cinderella By Wayne Rice Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella Paris. She lived with her mean stepmother and two stepsisters. They were always going here and there, shopping and vacationing, while Cinderella Paris stayed in the penthouse all alone with only three servants to take care of her. She was sad and lonely. And bored. She noticed a wet, salty discharge rolling down her cheeks. She was crying! How could this happen? The more she wondered, the more she cried. The more she cried, the more she wondered. The room began to shake; Cinderella Paris looked up and saw a glowing cloud filling the room. Then, from out of the brightest part of the glow, there appeared a fairy godmother, and she was saying something. Cinderella Paris stopped crying long enough to listen. The fairy godmother was saying, "My poor child, your tears are making all the tiny folk so sad. They just couldn't listen any longer, so they have sent me to help you." "Help me? What can you do," said Cinderella Paris, starting to cry again. "Well, I can -," the fairy godmother stopped in mid-sentence and took a good look at the human girl. "Oh! It's YOU again," remarked the fairy godmother, "I should have known." The glow began to fade from the room. The fairy godmother started to fade from sight. "Never mind," she said finally, and disappeared. "Dat's not hot," said Cinderella Paris, and pouted. She thought to herself, "Maybe I'll just take the limo into town myself
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