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Cinderella Britney

Cinderella Britney - an audio story, adapted from the legend of Cinderella By Wayne Rice Not too long ago there was a girl who lived with her dad and stepmother and her two stepsisters. Her father was always away somewhere "negotiating" something. The stepmother spent all of her time with her own daughters, and made Cinderella Britney do all the work. Cinderella Britney did everything for the other women. There was so much to do that, by the time she had finished her chores for the day, her knees were sore and felt as if they were going to break, and that is why everyone called her Brittleknees. No one called her by her real name, not even her father. At night, as she lay in her sleeping bag on the cold floor, she would dream about being a Rock Star, singing and dancing in front of millions of screaming fans. One day, her stepmother told her to expect a special delivery package, and to be sure to put it in the step-daughters' room. One stepsister said, "Yeah! The Concert! Our outfits for the Prince's concert!" The other sister added, "Like, he always call someone up on stage to sing with him! I hope he picks me!" "Let's go girls, there's lots to do," said the stepmother, "As for you, Brittleknees, don't just stand there, get to work!" Cinderella Britney was left all alone with her chores. The package arrived and she took it to the girls' room, and as she put it down, she began to cry. She wished she were somewhere else, someone else, in some other time. She wished for everything to be different. Then she cried some more. She began to really feel bad about herself; she wandered around the house, crying; she saw herself in the mirror and thought she was so sad and so poor and so useless that she should look the part; so she grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut off her hair. It just made things worse. She ran outside to the swimming pool and threw herself upon a chaise lounge and cried some more. Suddenly the pool filled with a Golden light, and a magical fairy arose out of the glow, and floated before Cinderella Britney's eyes. "My poor child," said the fairy, "Your tears are making all the tiny folk so sad. They just couldn't listen any longer, so they have sent me to help you." "Help me? What can you do," said Cinderella Britney, trying not to cry anymore. "You live such a hard and lonely life," replied the fairy, "Wouldn't you rather be surrounded by people, happy people, dancing and smiling and listening to you sing?" "Well like, yeah, for sure," answered Cinderella Britney. The fairy smiled a mysterious, fairy smile and said, "Tonight, when the Moon appears on top of the trees, throw this tablet into the swimming pool, and all will be done." The fairy began to shrink, when she added, "And do something about that hair!" And with that, the fairy disappeared back into the pool, leaving Cinderella Britney alone and holding a tiny Blue tablet. She sat there for a w hile longer, and then rushed back into the house. For the rest of the afternoon, while she worked hard, she thought only of the fairy and her promise. Suppertime was a blur, with the two stepsisters running about, getting ready for the concert, and making fun of Cinderella Britney when they could. Soon they were gone, and Cinderella Britney was left all alone in the quiet, dark house. She gathered the dishes, and vacuumed the rugs, and kept looking out at the treetops for the moon. Finally it appeared! She ran to the swimming pool and threw in the tablet. The water bubbled and rose and formed a magical portal. Then she heard the fairy's voice say, "Through here is the answer to all your dreams and desires; but I can only hold the portal open for a brief time. You MUST return through it before the last stroke of midnight, or all that is done will be undone. Do not fail to return in time!" "I won't! I promise," cried Cinderella Britney! With that, she leaped up and without a moment's hesitation jumped through the portal. When she landed an instant later, she was on stage! She was dressed in the hottest outfit she could ever imagine. She was onstage with the Prince, and the special duet was beginning. She stepped into the spotlight and started to sing; the Prince joined right in and their voices intertwined, as the music got louder. It was heavenly. Then without warning, and all too soon, Cinderella Britney, as if awakening from a dream, heard a clock somewhere begin to strike. One, Two, Three. Oh No, she thought, and without even a word to the Prince, she ran backstage. Four, Five, Six. Where did that stupid portal go? Seven, Eight, Nine. There, there was the portal, and it was fading! Ten, Eleven. She leaped into the air and just as the Twelfth stroke of midnight struck, she passed through the portal and it snapped shut. She landed in a giant splash back in the swimming pool. She swam to the edge, pulled herself up and out of the water. As she dried herself off with a towel she noticed one of her shoes was missing. Remembering all that had just happened, she sat there and cried. For a few moments she had been a Rock Star! The memory of that night lingered with her for weeks. As she cleaned and toiled in the house, she relived those few, magical moments on stage with the Prince. She knew nothing about the frantic search being conducted by the Prince throughout the state, to find the woman who had won his heart onstage that night, only to disappear without a word. As time passed, she became even sadder, and even stopped talking, or even listening to anyone. She just did her work. Then one day a huge stretch limo pulled up in front of the house. (Think you can finish this story? Just submit your audio file to to see! We recommend Voice Changer Software Diamond 6.0)
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