MAKE4FUN.COM NOTIFICATION is only one of AVSoft Corp.’s many websites including, and, and yet we have only one Customer Support Center located at

>> Why only one customer support center?
Our main focus is on providing you with the best solutions to your issues in the fastest time. By placing all customer support in the same location, we have concentrated our expertise and our support systems, and that means greater resources are focuses on your questions. You will receive better answer in less time. We save time and resources, so we can serve you better.

>> Will the customers of be supported as well as those of
Yes, of course. As we stated above, both and belong to AVnex and we support all our customers at our only
Customer Support Center at So it does not matter from which website you purchase our products, you will be best served and get the best answers from our concentrated customer service at our Customer Support Center.

>> For US & Canada - Toll Free: 1-213-232-3666