How I created my first mp3 ringtone
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By Marianne Anderson

Last month, my friend advised me to use a music editing software to create my own MP3 ringtones for my new hand phone. I was surprised because the software he told me was not familiar at all. He said that this software was excellent and I would not regret using it.

First, I downloaded the trial version from CNET With the queries "Music Morpher Gold", I chose to download their latest build online, version 3.0 if my memory serves me right.

Then I chose the song I really liked at the time, "Hips don't like" by Shakira, to begin my editing task. I opened Editor Module and then was lost in hundreds of sound effects. It was really a lot of fun to change to song background then.

Then my friend told me I could change the singer's voice. Then he showed me how to make a male singing voice become female and vice versa.

However, the best part of creating a ringtone was in cutting the song into segments and joining those segments in whatever order I liked. In addition, my friend told me I could connect segments from different songs.

Thanks to my friend's suggestion, now I am having a good tool to create my own MP3 ringtones. I decided to buy not long after I downloaded, and from that time helped me a lot. Now I know how to do almost anything with my music collection. I can not only create ringtones, but also make remix songs, parody songs, DJ music, music for podcast, etc.

About the author: Marianne Anderson shares her tips to create an MP3 ringtone with Music Morpher Gold from for everyone who is keen on making their hand phones unique.
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