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Caretaking a remote island

Monday 21st January .
Hello all our beautiful sweeties, and mean that. sometimes I think that i do really funny things but im not so sure if this is so very funny.
As you all know we have he job on an Island as we call it already. We boarded a 4 seat  plane at 7.30 this morning and arrived on hicks island about 9.45 where  we then were met with the 2 people who live on that island. there names are Laurie and graham they have lived there for 8 years, originally from Selby Victoria, they would be in there early sixties and are very lovely people. Then every thing went very fast, as they had such a huge king tide 3 and half metres and was running back at a fast pace, that we had to get to haggy with our supplies and the pilot in a hurry. the 14ft boat was waiting for us there, the pilot, mick and myself ,boarded the small boat and headed off to the island which took us about 10 Min's to get there. Were met Libby who has been looking after the island for the last 3 weeks by herself. she is a doctor and sister in law to the owner of the island. she was waiting with her bags packed on the sand and couldn't
wait to get off. she said she had a good time but time to go. we had a 1 hour going over what we had to do and then we were back in the boat with the pilot Libby mick and myself and the dog Lucy, back over to hicks island dropped them off and then it was only mick, myself and Lucy back to haggy before the tide came out to far and we would have been stuck on the reef, it was so scary i wasn't even scared. once we tied the boat down and mick carried me and Lucy down off the boat to the sand i was ready to explore.
now were do I start. the island is just beautiful BUT it just needs so much work. just picture Gilligan's island and that will tell you little bit. it also reminds me of mana island were Manny and Ange were married in Fiji, minus all the people working there to keep it looking beautiful we have decide to stay in the main building to sleep as that is close to the phone and GROG.
This bloke who owns it has left it so remote and untouched its unreal, the people who come here and pay so much money for a night are really living like the natives.Micky has had a lot of fires going and burning off already.there is no way we will be able to get it up to scratch, but have decided to start one place at a time. We have had a little look around ,and I just don't know what to say, its also very daunting. we have found some of the other huts and the jetty and all seem to have a lot of work to be done to them.
My main job is to feed the chooks and ducks and to lock them away in the afternoon. We are running on a generator which is turned on for 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night. But we will be using it a bit more than that.
the mossies and insects are just about as bad as port so that's okay. The weather is cooler as you get a breeze all the time, we have got browner already so i hate to think what colour we will end up. Micky started in the nude and i couldn't stand it so the budgies came on and that's what he will live in now
there seems to enough food to last us and Micky is cooking as I speak. he has got out cray tails and red emperor, he says it looks and smells bloody beautiful.
I just hope I can last the 8 weeks ,it is going to be a huge challenge for me. Micky is happy as a pig in sh*t.
well must be off now for this bloody beautiful meal ha ha ha .
thank you Matt for driving us to the airport this morning, hey Matt did you see us fly over port about 20 to 8 this morning, in a little p*sser plane with Micky turning white,
please please email everyone as i will need the contact.
love and miss you all soooooooooo much,

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