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Fishing day off very funny

12125 days of our lives on nightmare island   the continuing saga
 Well what a fish knocked off early Sunday so I thought I would give fishing ago on the jetty at work    got straight into action armed with 2 rods and a six pack chilled will some lovely ice    caught a cod straight away and cut it up as as bait and berly about akilo   put my big rod rod in and fuc away it went   fighting this mother was a challenge my arms were working overtime for over half an hour didn’t no what it was    had to get a bystander to to crack a can for me   I were gonna let this bastard beat me   the rod wasn’t   that big and the reel only had 25 breaking strain so I had to play the mother   but in the end mickie  won   a 6ft   reef shark   very proud of myself and had quite a crowd watching they couldn’t believe I pulled a big fish like that on that rod and reel     thanks missy for my pressies norm and trish for my lotto   unfortunetly no good    rack please send some recent photos of the kids please and hope all is well with everybody cheers mick heres dirty
 Well hi everybody and what a week is was.started off slow but it then got worse, micky had something wrong with his left nut, but found wearing no undies it got better so now he just goes free balling and all is well. Next I started walking again in the mornings until I ran into a 5ft diamond python on the road, so I think I will give it a miss and just walk around the park, I wet my pants. Micky is also taken on the job for a day as pool man and did he like that watching all the white pointers. We are really backpacking now and saving on hair cuts, shaved micks hair off myself. Getting eaten alive buy the midgys and starting to look like scar man. Its very hot and we have had 1 day of rain on and off
 darren will give you a ring soon to see how you got on .
 manny and ang sounds like you are going to have some fun with your irish friends.
 Andrew did you get your job.
 Karin thankyou for your email I know its hard to understand what we talk about but it will keep you interested and it is like days of our lives, we cant wait to see you and ian in the new year.
 Now about my new job in the kitchen, what can I say I look like a full blown chef and all the chefs talk chef talk to me and I have no bloody idea what they are talking about, it is much easier I have been making sangers and wrapps and making salads and that sort of thing,but you wouldn’t believe it today we went to caraven park closer to town and much nicer than what we are in to rent a cabin and I got a new job working there. 5 days a week 5 hours a day cleaning the cabins and toilet blocks and making sure it stays clean. I get more money than nightmare island and its right opposite the pub, so micks happy. Hopefully mick will get a job there as well. We should be shifting in about 2 weeks so cant wait.
 Went xmas shopping today and swam in the pool when we got home, not doing to much tomorrow just having a look around town, there is so much we haven’t seen.
 Carol thankyou for your letter it was so good to hear some news on whats going on, can you please send me judys address please.
 Well must go to bed love and miss you all heaps.
 Don’t miss next weeks saga, lordy lordy to you all
    Free balling micky and midgy eaten dirty di
Back to Work After 30 Year\'s
[HOT VIDEO] Back to Work After 30 Year\'s

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