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Twenty Four Hours

The alarm blasted out, I acknowledged with a slap. Five thirty God Bless this day and my feet hit the ground. I got in the shower before I even opened my eyes. The water felt good---no time to indulge---I've got to run. I thought about working another day for that madman and wanted to cry---no time for self-pity either---another job will come up. I went to my closet wishing something new had turned up over night but no such luck; my wardrobe contains nothing but old hand-me-downs. Nothing looks like me, nothing fits me right. I should count my blessings I thought, fig leaves went out of style. So, I picked-up who-knows-whose two piece suit, someone else's shirt and got dressed. I look fine I thought gazing in the mirror, I look fine. Time to put out the dog. "Mom I need money for lunch!"---"Take what's in my wallet!"---"All you have is a five---what about you?"---"Take it I'll be fine." No use wondering what I was having for lunch. I fixed scrambled eggs, no bread for toast and we ate standing up---dishes will wait---I've got to run. We kissed in a hurry, she was catching the bus---I brought the dog back in and headed for the car. "It won't start---piece of junk!" I called a friend and got a ride. Arriving to work late, I knew I'd catch hell. "You are late!" He groaned. "My car wouldn't start," I said hoping he'd drop it but caught hell just the same. I've got to clear my mind, I can't make mistakes. The phone rang twice. "Answer the phone!" He yelled. "Yes sir." I've got to clear my mind. Fifty reports to get out if there is one. I've got to do payroll and I can't forget, or make mistakes. I rushed all day---no time for lunch anyway. Back home at five, I found a note taped to the door---the electricity was cut off. "I don't get paid till Thursday!" I yelled as I kicked off my shoes and watched them fly across the room. Sometimes I wonder if God knows I'm alive! I'm told He has a plan. I know, He wants us to eat by candlelight. I fixed sandwiches for dinner---can't cook without lights---dishes will wait---I've got to figure things out. Taking off my hand-me-downs, I felt like nobody's child; I'm tired, I'm lonely, sweet death crossed my mind. No time for that either---I've got to figure things out. No hot water to bathe---I slipped on my worn-out jersey---like fealing sexy at night. I called Mom and asked her to call me in the morning---"I don't have electricity, please help me wake-up." She offered assistance. "No thanks Mom, I'm fine." My daughter called from her room. "I need ten bucks for cross-country..." God Bless this night. I had a good cry.

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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