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The Miracle

I was not needed much by my family after the adminestrative work was done. I was on my own again. Then,  is when I realized that I would probably always be alone and never invited to family celebrations again. Actually,  the only time I was invited was when Mabel called me to carry her to a family function. I have never  received an invitation to weddings or baby showers.

Nevertheless,  I am a very joyful person.

I was educated while on active duty in night school. There was the University of Maryland, Los Angeles Community College, in Korea. The  University of South Carolina, Fort Jackson campus in South Carolina.  I studied every  correspondence course available to me, attended leadership workshops and completion of a two year Commissioned Officer Course.

Although I had some problems working in a normal work place after my diagnosis I had enough education to help other people where ever God sent me. My homeless experience led me to help with some of those I met who lived in the Salvation Army or other shelters.

 When my Timothy needed help with his addiction he attended the Salvation Army  drug program.

I was taking him and some other fellows some staples one afternoon when I felt NOTHING. I did not stop driving until I reached the emergency room at the Veterans Hospital.

A doctor looked at me and he ask me how did I get to the hospital. He looked around the door (I imagine for the ambulance driver or my assistant) and I fell into his arms. I saw myself on a gurney and there were others in the room and still some coming in by ambulance. I was above the room in the ceiling. I was praying for them as the doctors were attending to their needs. I never gave myself much thought.

I did hear the doctor say about me that they could not take me down stairs as long as the '3' was on the monitor. I had no vital signs except the '3'.

 Later, I heard myself grunt, obviously the medical staff did too. I saw  a '4' had joined the '3' on the monitor. They put me onto another gurney and wheeled me away. I had been in the emergency room for '7' hours.

When I woke up a doctor was standing over me with silver hair. I told him I wanted such beautiful hair. He said, "your time will come".

He continued to tell me that to much medication had poisoned my system and that he would keep me in the hospital '7' days for evaluation. He would leave written orders for me to follow; discontinue my medication and to return in '7' days to the clinic for a checkup.

 I returned to the clinic for my appointment and then I visited the floor where I had been a patient severals days previously and ask for the doctor, especially since he was not in the clinic.   The nurses were very excited and seemed surprised and glad to see me . One of them even thought I had died. 

None of them knew the doctor I was  refering to they looked at each other and back to me and ask who was I talking about? I re-explained.  They had no idea who I was talking about.  "There has never been a doctor on this floor who fits  your description, and by the way we like the new silver color you've put in your hair," was their final remarks to me before we hugged goodbye.

I believe in the supernatural and this time I wondered, did I see the face of JESUS?

He sent me an Angel

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