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A Simple Mystic

A woman growing up in a middle class neighborhood, my mom was a stay at home mom who also suffered from Bi-Polar, my father away at night, a second shift truck driver, my brother a couple years older then me who experienced much turmoil from my mother as well as I did, took it out on me, that began my journey of becoming my best friend.
So easily one can get lost in this world of many beliefs, religions etc. and lucky me was raised with not a lick of religion or belief except from the deep south that children were to be seen and not heard. Wow, what a challenge for me, how was I suppose to rest when I had so many people from a Dutch Christian area bombarding me with their beliefs like I was going to hell if I did not believe Christ died for our sins and so on(and if you think about it, I did not even know who Christ was!), the road got even tougher when my parents died. Where did they go? I had to know, so began my journey to my truth.
The first book that gave me so much peace was a book written by a lady that had a most profound life after death experience. The book "Embraced By The Light" by Betty J. Eadie was so comforting to me that I continued to find books to read that had similar stories eventually getting into books by well known mediums such as Sylvia Browne, James VanPragh, and John Edwards.
I now at age 43 have come to a very secure point in my life and have learned through experience and not people telling me, that there is a power greater then us, and I have also learned positive ways of living can change your life. The more positive I become the more full my life is.
After I left home at a very young age, I married at age 16, had my first daughter at 19, my second a year and a half later, my husband turned into a severe alcoholic and I suffered emotional as well as physical abuse, I left and divorced 8 years later, Later on in life I met another man who swept me off my feet, to later learn after having his daughter, he was a con artist and seduced my oldest daughter who was at the time 14. I then put him in prison and he has been there 7 years now.
A few more bad experiences and I put my foot down made a list and demanded the things I wanted in a relationship. Nothing less, two days later I found him and have been with him 5 years now, my best friend, my love.
Through all this I have learned by bad experiences what it feels like to have these things happen, I know the change happens in the mirror. I will never and have never hurt anyone physically or emotionally because I know how it feels, I work things out in a mature and responsible way, and if someone wants to hurt me, I then leave, I am gone. I have always said, mean people suck!
I spend 80-90% of my time helping others emotionally, the other time I spend taking care of me. The more I practiced the change I wanted to see, the more I learned I had many abilities, when I need wisdom, all I have to do is tap into it, and it is there, such as my poem I wrote "Journey Of An Angel" .
I have also written a poem after one of my grandsons were stillborn, the words just came to me, and I suspect it was from him. These writings can be found on my "MySpace" page link I have in here.
I truly believe everything happens for a reason, look at everything whether it feels good or bad, what does it feel like, and maybe how can you take that experience and help someone else get through it?
I am not rich, I am actually poor, I am a very simple woman renting a duplex with my family working part time as a nurse aide, just getting by barely, but yet I am so rich! There is beauty in life, you just have to look at everything even the littlest of gifts, a baby's smile a fresh sprouting flower. It is not bought with money, it is recieved with love.
Well....I never expected that!
[HOT VIDEO] Well....I never expected that!

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