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I Was A Stripper

Some of you on-line friends may be in for a jolt if you read this! Persons who knew me quite well at that time, were surprised to say the least!

It was in the mid seventies, my sons were in school and I had a little spare time on my hands. A few extra dollars to keep up with their ever growing needs, would come in handy.

My husband was understandably hesitant, but he gave his permission, and to his credit, he even helped me out of a few jams.

Because of zoning regulations, I worked in a rather seedy area of town, an old section near the steel mill, which had become somewhat rundown. There were still some lovely properties to be seen, tenderly cared for by their owners. Many residents though, had moved to newer areas, taking with them their memories and leaving behind their old homes to be inhabited by the younger generation.

Strangely enough, the women who came through the doors were much easier to please than the men. They were better able to understand the choice that I had made.

The men, on the other hand, could be difficult and demanding. There were some who understood my motivation, who were sweet and gave me helpful advice, but they were in the minority. Others made rude and sarcastic comments, making me feel totally inadequate at times. Always lacking in self-confidence, I felt intimidated and insecure. It had taken every ounce of courage I possessed to take such a drastic step in my life.

Chemicals were always available, at a price, a hazard to be dealt with in that line of work. How much was too much, would one be more effective than another? Questions, always questions. So often I asked myself ?What in the world am I doing here??

One of my clients was an attorney who was very satisfied with what I did for him. Word of my capabilities soon spread and the next thing I knew, I was 'auditioning' for ?the powers that be? who were involved in various activities at our County Courthouse. That?s when my husband had to step in and help me out.

The chemicals I had been using were beginning to take their toll. The physical demands also played a part in my decision to give up stripping. I finally said ?enough?, completed my contracts, and went into an entirely different line of work.

Furniture stripping wasn?t an easy business. My involvement with the restoration of the County Courthouse gave me a great deal of satisfaction, but you can?t imagine what it took to strip years of old stain and finish off solid oak court benches, doors, handrails, and decorative moldings.

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