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In Dreams

He lay in bed beneath the open window. Damp sheets clung to his body, despite the cool breeze that blew. He could not sleep, his mind and body would not allow him the luxury of escape by rest. He tossed and turned, perspiration beading across his brow. His mind traveling in a million directions left him listless.   He thought that he had left his past behind?but tonight, he kept dreaming of his past and of her. She had caused him so much pain and sorrow and all that he wanted to do was sleep and let his mind and his body forget. It was time to move forward. Why did nights like these seem to last an eternity?   The sun rose. He rubbed his eyes and begrudgingly lifted his body from his bed. He knew what he had to do. He felt a sudden urgency to move forward and to do it as soon as possible. He quickly showered and with a bit more lightness in his step, he walked out the door.   He was moving on?moving forward. He drove the drive that had become a very recent change of pace for him. It was a pleasant drive. He simply could not make it fast enough. With every mile that he put behind him, his restless night seemed further and further away.   Soon, he was at his destination. He stopped his truck and opened the door. He bounded up the front porch steps and knocked on the door. When the door opened, he breathed a sigh of relief. She was there?not the woman from his dreams?but HER. She smiled as she opened the door. She greated him with a warm kiss and he knew that he was truly Home.    

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