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Lets all hope for the best...

Life... we all have different perspective of looking at our own individual lives. Some see it as full of struggle, some see it as the most relaxing thing in the world. We all have our ups and downs... but all we need to do is stay calm and focused. Above all, we need to keep praying that at the end of the day we should be able to make it succesfully.

Some people learn from their mistakes, others just dont give a d*mn. I dont know what category I belong to here but I do share some properties from each of them.

I live in DC and go to University of Maryland at College Park. I am finishing up my bachelors degree in 3 weeks now. (AUGUST 22nd) In used to live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other guys. At the end of May they wanted to break the lease cause one of them got married so he wanted to live with his wife. The other wanted to commute from home cause it was expensive for him to live on his own. The third one went back to Pakistan after 2 semesters since it was hard for him to keep up with the education system here. I didnt have much of a choice so I decided to leave and stay with a hindu friend of mine.

In June, I talked to him that I didnt have a place to live and I was taking summer classes so if I could stay with him in his apartment for 2 months. He was ok with that.

He lives with 3 other hindu guys in a 2 bedroom apt. I know all of them and am friends with them. Once I had a fight with one of his roommates cause he was an being an A$$****. That was like a yr ago. Anyways, I was aware of the situation that I was going to go to his apt to live for 2 months so I asked all three of them to ask him if he was ok with that, cause i didnt want any missunderstanding while I was there. They said it wasnt necessary and I moved in. However, me and him never talked until I was there.

Anyways, everything was fine until a few days ago (last week of July) and we had another arguement and ended up picking up another fist fight. At that time, I just wanted to move out of there.. I told the other three guys that he should not have done that.. he didnt need to pick up a fight with me.. but they didnt back me I moved out of there. I didnt have a car until last week. ( I have just bought a car). so it was hard for me to move some place away from campus since i have classes every day in summer.

After that arguement, I just left the apt. and called another friend of mine on his cell who lives in Baltimore which is like 30 minutes away from campus.. I told him everything and he offered me to live with him until I find my own place. ( I am getting my own apt on August 15) I was relieved cause I had found another place to live until I had my own place and I had a car so I could commute to campus without standing in lines for buses.

The next day I met my friend and he told me that he talked to his father about me stayin there and his father did not like the idea of me staying there for more then 2-3 nights. I was like " F*** NO". But I didnt show it.

At that time I was like.. "d*mn... I will have to sleep in my car until I move into my new apt." "That should be fun".

Anyways, that night I stayed with him. It was a Friday in the morning, so I went to JUMMA and then I drove to Richmond, VA which is like 2 hours away from DC. My best friend lives there.

I am writing this from his apartment. I am thinking to myself " Its a Monday tomorrow. I dont have any stable place to live until August 15. (Today is July 29). I will leave from here in the morning since I have school. Probably I will stay with my friend in Baltimore at his house for 2 more nights, but where will I go afterwards.. I dont even have a family living in DC. and living in a hotel is very expensive.."

Frankly, I dont even know the answer to this question. I just wanted to pen this difficult question in the form of a story.
Insha Allah, everything will go well.. I will finish this story when August 15 is here....until then lets all hope for the best for me..

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