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Living the Legacy

Honoree:  Living the Legacy Award:  This is the beginning of a new chapter of my life.  I placed this item in the news section last night, but then when I awoke this morning, I decided to begin a new story.

This item will most likely read as a journal. I will remain on this page progressively.

The National Council of Negro Women,Inc., (NCNW) Columbia Section will hold its Twenty Eighth  "Living the Legacy  Award Program  Saturday,  January 20, 2007."  The award honors Outstanding South Carolinians,  persons whose contributions to their community and to society personify the legacies and philosophies of  Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have been nominated and selected to be a recipient for 2007.  I have accepted this honor.

The featured speaker for this occasion is the United States Attorney, District of South Carolina.

THEME:  Challenges and Accomplishments -- Living the Legacy.

I have often wondered if anything I have done in my past escapades  or  some future endeavor  would touch someones life.  These are things you might think are beyond your reach. Perhaps, because of the sincerity of my quest to be of service to mankind, I am being rewarded.

Mama's prayers are still being answered.  She was always praying for us children.  When she would pray we would feel special, as if to know that God had a plan for us to fulfill.  She would  pray such important and powerful positions over us I could not vision  being other than  a queen.

These were the days of  Grace Kelly and I wanted to grow up and ride in a horse drawn coach,  And live in a fairytale land with my prince.

I wasn't soft enough for this type of life, I guess.  I decided simply to be me. 


This second week of 2007 has been quite busy.  Today, I cut a television promotional for the  NCNW,  to be aired Sunday, the 13th.  Sunday afternoon I will cut a radio program to be aired Sunday evening.  I have been enjoying my relationship with the chairperson of this fine organization.  When she reviewed my biographical sketch she decided to trust my judgement  as a public relations and advertising agent. I love the stage,  the lights, and the drama.

Ten more days is countdown to awards day.  I am excited.  God is using me.                          -------------------------------

 Periodically one of the young people who have been struggling with addictions will stop in to visit with me.  This one stopped to say thank you, on this day after Dr Kings observance.  "Thank me for what?'  I ask him.  He said if it not been for me coaching him he would be dead today.  I hardly recognized him. His weight was normal for a man his height. He was very skinny when he first came to me.  Believe it or not he is a graduate of the Citadal.  He was a major in the Air force.

 He no longer uses crack and he has two jobs .  One teaching school and another in an office supply company.  I am so proud of him.    

Last night at bedtime my Bible study was Isaiah 43: 18-19 and Isaiah 54: 1-3.  God is trying to tell me something and I am listening.  Praise His Holy Name.             


Well,  I never expected Congressman James Clyburn to be at the awards ceremony.  He  received a Living the Legacy Award.  He is a native son.  It is nice to be thought of so well and among such prestious company. 

Last night was a grand ocassion.  It was a type of ocassion mama prayed over us ( 'us' is Joy and me ), when we were children.

I imagined her being with me helping me to select the proper attire for the ocassion:
The bun was my hair style draped with an olive fox wrap. We will wait for the photographs.  I will post them. 
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