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A Child's Christmas Letter To Jesus~~Part One~~

December 1, 2003 (Monday)~

Dear Jesus:

Hi! My name is Ronee' Le-Anne Reaux, and I will be 11 years old in 24 more days. That's right: my birthday happens to be right ON Christmas Day.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my family. I am an adopted child; I was adopted when I was a little baby, and the family I live with now is the only family I have ever known (although I have since found out several years back that I do have a twin sister named Robyn and an older half-sister named Lu-Anne). I have a disability: I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), and I walk with crutches and leg braces (and sometimes I use my wheelchair, especially on inclimate days or when I am "flaring"). Sometimes my pain gets to be so bad I sometimes end up in the hospital, where I receive powerful medications via I.V.'s and physical/occupational therapies. I also have asthma, and as I get older, it IS getting better, but it still acts up at times, especially if I eat something I am NOT supposed to (like, for instance, PEANUTS!). I am highly allergic to peanuts and ALL nuts, so I have to stay away, or they can kill me. That's how bad my peanut allergy is; but as long as I stay away, then I don't have to worry now, do I??

I have already written Santa and told HIM what I want for Christmas, but Jesus, YOU are THE real Reason why we celebrate Christmas. Oh, getting presents IS nice and all, but to tell you the truth, Jesus, I would much rather be at church, singing those beautiful Christmas songs, songs like "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Joy To The World," "Alleluia!", and my two favorites, "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night". I would also rather be visiting the sick or lonely in the hospital, because too many times, they are often forgotten, especially during the holidays; and my way of feeling is this: NOBODY should EVER be alone or sad, especially on Christmas!

I also think more should be done to help the downtrodden people in our world. Too many people don't have the basic necessities, and they are really hurting; and it seems that there are more poor people now than when I was little. I have given some of my toys to the poor, and the day before Thanksgiving, our family went to our church, where we had a free Thanksgiving turkey dinner for the poor and homeless; and you can't believe HOW many people came! It was wonderful, and they were all so happy and appreciative that someone cared enough to give them something to eat, let alone, care enough to invite them to church. They were really happy, and you know something? I felt good, really good, inside, because I knew we were doing the right thing for these poor people or people who were homeless, and I still feel good whenever I think of it. I think we may do this again next year, and we may even do it twice, like on Thanksgiving and even around Christmas time. Don't You think that would be a good idea, Jesus?

If there was anything I would really like from You, it would be to make other people happy. I am seriously considering on writing a book about myself and my life. I think it would help other disabled kids like me; I would like to show them that they can overcome their disabilities, too, just like I did. Do You think that I would be capable of doing such a thing? Or if so, could You at least help me a LITTLE BIT?? Any advice or sign from You would be of MUCH help! I would also like to continue my singing, but I would also like to do a Christian country album. Make an album of my favorite gospel songs. Don't You think that would be a good idea?? Let me know, okay?? As long as I make SOMEONE happy with what I do, then that would be worth everything in the world; and I would have You to thank for this!

Well, I will write again when I can. I am so busy now, now that the holidays have started. I have to rehearse my Christmas songs I am going to sing in the Cantata at my church, and I also have to practice the Christmas songs that our school class is doing for OUR Christmas program at school. So I will be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! I also have to finish my Christmas shopping, and I also have to remember You at Christmas and not get all caught up in the craziness of the holidays! (That is one reason why I wish MY birthday was on a different day! All too often, people forget it's my birthday! That is probably the WORST thing about having a Christmas Birthday!)

Until later, Jesus, thank You for listening, and thank you for being my Saviour and my Best Friend! I can ALWAYS count on You!

Love, your Child, Ronee'. (Soon to be 11!)    

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