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A Christmas Miracle

" She’s never going to walk. " The doctors told Mom when I was only eighteen months old

" You don’t know Darla like I do. " Was Mom’s response to that.

" She’s smart, she’s independent and she has a mind of her own, if she sets her heart to it, she will do anything, the only person whose going to tell me she’s never going to walk is the Lord himself. " Dad said.

The doctors didn’t say anything without first thinking hard about what they were going to say.

Ten years had passed, and I still had not walked, Mom and Dad had faced the fact long ago that maybe the doctors had been right, I would never walk. After all I was nearly twelve and had not taken a step in my life.

" Maybe we’re pushing to hard. " Mom told Dad, but they weren’t pushing to hard. It wasn’t them doing the pushing though I was the one pushing myself.

" Mom don’t worry, you aren’t pushing me, someday I will walk, I believe that from the bottom of my heart, I believe it is the Lord’s will. "

Mom leaned over and gave me a hug, and told me she loved me. It was the love of my parents, and more importantly the love of the Lord that gave me the Christmas miracle.

We were having breakfast on Christmas Morning, Mama’s homemade waffle, smothered in butter, straight from Auntie’s farm, and maple syrup. It was a delicious breakfast, one that would be talked about for days after Christmas.

We had just left the table, and were getting ready to exchange gifts, when the miracle occurred. I sat still at first watching the smile as we exchanged gifts, but the greatest gifta gift straight from God, was given last.

I stood up for the first time in my life, and put one foot in front of the other, I was walking, a little awkwardly, and clumsily, but I was walking. I took a few steps and collapsed on the couch next to Mom and Dad who were crying tears of joy.

The doctors had been wrong, I would walk, not until I was twelve, because of a Christmas Miracle, a gift from God, I couldn’t thank God enough for the gift I received on Jesus Christ’s birthday. A Christmas miracle that helped us see the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of Jesus Christ, sent to die for our sins, and heal the blind,the deaf, the paralyzed or those who needed spiritual healings.
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