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Believe in Yourself

On the walk to town, this cold November day, scott held thigh to the decoration his mum and he made for the Christmas Tree Decoration Party, in the town square. It was very cold out and even being bundled up very warm Scott and his mum were walking fast. When they reached the square there was free hot coca, with marshmallows and some warm donuts that would help to warm them up and were quite tasty. Scott looked at the line of kids waiting and remembered how scared he was last year when it was his turn to go up high in the basket. He also remembered the fireman had to put his decoration on the tree because of being afriad of going up high! He knew the Lord would protect him and Scott was convinced he could do it! Scott looked up at his mum and said,"I am not going to be afraid and put my decoration on myself.: Mum smiled and sain, "That is great, Scott. Remember the Lord is with you.: As they stood in line Scott pressed close to his mum. Mum asked him !What's wrong, Scott? Are you scard about the fire truck? Scott shook hi head back and forth and said"That lady is staring at me and here she comes." "JUst turn around, because it's almost our turn." She won't hurt you." Mum said. As they were turning around, mum felt a tap on her shoulder. She Truned back to see a elderly lady, in a faded blue coat cluthching a rumpled paper bag. She said "Excuse me , you have a very cut boy there, with his red hair and freckels. He looks just like my son did when he was small and his name was Mike." Mum said" Well thank you." The lady said "My name is Mary. My son died when he was 7 years old in a terrible car accident." Here Scott, Look what I have to show you. Mary reached into her old brown krinkled sack and pulled out six shiny bells, made of lace and red satin ribbon. Mary said,"These bells were the last decorations Mike and I worked on to hand on the tree, the year he was killed. Could you put thime high in the tree when you put your decoration on the tree? Scott Asked "Why so high in the tree?" Mary said, Well, on Mondy, I will be going to the nursing home across the street and I could see them from my room over there."Scott looked at the bells, then looked at his mum and then to mary, who had tears in her eyes. He was silent and just tring to decide what to do. He knew he do anything with Jesus' help and believeing in himself and yelled I"ll do it!" Just then the firman lifed scott into the fire truck backed and off they went high in the air. Scott looked over the side of the bucket and all the people were very small on the ground. Even though Scott was sweating and shaking he said to the fireman "Take me up really high!" The bucket stopped at a clear spot, on the tree, fright out front. The bells were put on first then Scott's decoration. As they were coming down the crowd, on the street, applauded scott for going so high. They were a cheering him but he couldn't see Mary. Mum and Scott looked high in the tree and saw the bells shining in the Christmas lights and knew Mary would be able to see them. Scott just believed in himself and reached his goal and it was a good feeling.
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