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A Celestial Christmas Moment

I looked at my seven year old son Brians face , so excited as we did some Christmas shopping. We were outside now and he didn't miss a window. The stars sparkled like diamonds on this clear beautiful night , and my son wanted everything in sight. We had a few stores to shop yet, but we were making our way to the Presbyterian Church on the corner that always had the most beautiful decorations for Christmas.

They erect a wooden shed and place the life size figures inside with the baby Jesus lying on real hay. Surrounding him is his mother Mary and step father Joseph on one side, and on the other the three Kings with their gifts. There are also two shepherds, a camel, a donkey, a cow, and two sheep. They are so life-like , that one expects them to begin talking and moving about at any moment. They look like the waxwork figures done in the famous French museum "Tussaud's."

There are some kind of purple lights that are used to keep all the figures except Jesus, in shadow, though their clothing is neon-like in places that makes them stand out, while there is a spotlight directly over the figure of the baby. You can't see the fixture as the light comes through a hole in the ceiling of the shed. It's really quite spectacular, as they have a prismatic light type of action that makes the scene look almost surreal at times.

When we walked into the church and over to the manger, we were surprised that there were only about fifteen of us at that particular time. It usually is a wait in line event. It may be because it was early, just dinnertime. Whatever, as we stood before the manger, everything seemed hushed. I looked at Brian and his precious face was awestruck and rapt, as just then a choir began to practice *O' Holy Night* and all at once it was as if we had joined the scene in the shed. The choir sounded heavenly, the ambience was incredibly celestial, the light over the baby, became like a radiant sun that warmed us all.

Only several minutes passed and at the same time the choir stopped, Brian asked, " Mom did you see baby Jesus smile at me?" The spell was broken , but everyone was smiling, and chuckling while wishing each other a blessed Christmas, the mood was so uplifting as if we all had received a shot of adrenalin. As we filtered out I heard someone say "That was definitely the best gift I will receive this Christmas." I agreed. It was a special moment unlike any I had ever experienced.

My son asked his question again, and I answered, "I may have been looking elsewhere dear, and didn't see baby Jesus smile, but it's very possible." To which he replied in a strong certain voice, "I'm sorry you missed it mom, because it really happened, he smiled at me, and I'll never forget it!" And he never did. As a father himself now he tells the story every Christmas to all in the family, and whomever else he meets. He also tells it at the church that he Pastor's whenever he preaches , and where he has carried on the tradition of having the best manger in town.
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