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A Child's Christmas Letter To Jesus (~Part Two)--

Dear Jesus:

Hi! It's me again..Ronee'. I decided to continue this letter to You, as my way of remembering the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

Jesus, I wanted to tell you about the Christmas Cantata the other night. When I was at church, and I sang during the Cantata, I really felt Your Presence, and I felt your Power surging through my body. It was really awesome, and today, at school, I still had people coming up to tell me how well I did during the Cantata on Sunday night, and they hadn't heard me sing as well as I did on Sunday night. I knew I had no reason to be scared or nervous prior to singing in the Cantata, but once your anointing power took hold, I wasn't scared ONE bit because I knew You were in control, and You got me through it! Thank You for your help; I can always use it, especially if I am going to sing in front of people!

I still am interested in doing my story for other kids. I tried to get it started, but I couldn't; I couldn't think of the right words to say, so I gave up. Do You think You can help me on this project? I still want to write a book about myself, or a book to encourage other disabled kids, but for some reason, I just couldn't get the words out on paper; so I gave up. Maybe I will try again later on today, or maybe tomorrow; but I really could use Your help! It's like the devil is putting a roadblock in front of what I want to say, and it's really gotten me frustrated! So please, Jesus, I need Your help when I start writing! I hate it when the devil messes with my plans!

I was watching the Christian channel this morning, before I went to school, and I was watching Donnie McClurkin singing. He sang one of my very favorite songs, "Hail, Hail, Lion of Judah" (I THINK that is the title of the song!), and he really got into it, if you know what I mean! The Glory came on him, and he was really into the song and the message; I could see that there were people in the audience who were getting blessed; and You know what? I got blessed too; I love to listen to Donnie McClurkin sing! If I had HALF the power in my voice as he does, WOW, would I have it MADE! LOL (I am NOT jealous, as it is a sin to be jealous, but WOWEE, that guy CAN sing GOOD!!!! Wish I had some of that lung power when I sing! LOL People say I do when I sing, but I don't hear it, and I don't feel any different when I sing...MOST of the time!! But I sure did the other night!! THAT was different, but on the average, I don't really feel different when I sing! Oh, I feel good, and all, but I am talking about the anointing; why can't I feel that more often??)

I am about done shopping; and boy, Jesus, am I ever GLAD! Shopping at the mall or at Wal*Mart makes me tired; and my asthma was acting up some, so when I got home (before; we went right after I got home from therapy, which I went to after school), I took it easy. I tried to write my story (or start it), but couldn't, so I gave up. Maybe I will try again tomorrow after school, since I don't have therapy tomorrow (YAY!! I LOVE it when I DON'T have to go to therapy; they WEAR ME OUT!!)! But then I got to thinking about You, so I decided to work on this letter to You, which I started the other day. So this is why You are hearing from me.

School today was good, but a kid made me sad. He was teasing me about being a Christian, and he said some bad things about You that upset me. Why do kids make fun of people who are Christian, and why isn't anything being done to stop Christians from getting hurt in some way? All too often you hear of Christians being murdered for their faith, and/or you hear of the Ten Commandments or things to do with God/Jesus/Christianity being removed from schools; and all I would like to know is: WHY?? Why is it okay to learn of other religions or things like evolution (which I still don't understand or agree with!), but it is NOT okay to pray before school or recite the Pledge with "Under God" in it, or learn of You and the Bible? It doesn't make ANY sense, and all it HAS done is left me being even more confused! It's like my being a Christian is a sin, and it makes me sad! I had a good day, but what that kid said hurt my feelings, and it made me sad for a good part of the day; and I never was so glad to get on that bus to go home! I tried to think of the program I watched this morning, but I still felt sad when that kid teased me!

Well, I hope You can figure out this letter because all I have succeeded in doing was confusing myself; this letter probably doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever! If You can figure out what I am trying to say, I will be GLAD, but right now, my mind is all jumbled up, worse than the Christmas lights that daddy is trying to untangle at the moment (he is decorating the tree, or TRYING to, anyway! I can hear him from my bedroom!), and I am having a hard time trying to figure things out. I think it has something to do with my becoming a teenager in less than two years; I don't know, but lately, my mind has been nothing but a JUMBLED UP MESS! I am just rambling, writing down things that are on my mind; and You are about the best Person anyone can ever write to! People would probably laugh at me if they knew I was writing a letter to You, Jesus, but I would rather write a letter to YOU than to someone like say, Marilyn Manson; that guy gives me the CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPS!!! He scares me!! And yet kids like him!! (WHY??)

Well, I'd better go; it's my bedtime. I have school in the morning, and it is past 9:30 at night now; if maman knew I was still up, she'd probably paddle my behind...I will talk to You when I pray to You tomorrow; I would pray now, but maman would hear me, and I would catch it from her! LOL Good night, Jesus, and thanks for listening to me. I feel better now!

(((HUGS))) and love, Your Child, Ronee'.

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