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A Christmas Angel's Outlook Over The World

I am an angel.

I am an angel, and my name is Allelujah. I am a Christmas Angel; I was there when the Lord Jesus was born; and I am still areound today, observing people on Earth. I do most of my work around Christmas, which is why I am a Christmas Angel. My name is, as I just said, Allelujah, and I have long blonde hair and blue eyes; and my favorite attire is a long, white, flowing gown, wings of gold, and a gold halo sitting atop my head.

I have seen many good deeds done around Christmas, but lately, it seems, the deeds are becoming fewer and far between; and people are becoming greedier and greedier as the years go by. There are more killings, more shootings, more acts of terrorism, or more random acts of greed or hatred, more now that there ever were; and it about breaks my heart.

I know the Lord Jesus on a personal level, and each and every day, I see His Tears as He cries over how evil the world has become. I don't know why He doesn't just come down and help His People; but I know He has a Plan; and when He comes back to Earth, He is going to do it in such a way that He is going to catch an awful lot of people off guard. But He has appointed me, Allelujah, as His Christmas Angel, and my job for Him is to observe people around the holiday. So this is something I have been doing very regularly ever since He entered Heaven.

I am looking right now at a little girl and boy. They don't look a thing alike, but they are brother and sister; their parents adopted them when they were both tiny babies; and both have grown into such lovely, beautiful children. But they aren't like most children: both are physically disabled. The little boy is in a wheelchair because of his muscles growing weak, and he happens to be dying; and his sister is on crutches and wears leg braces because of a joint disorder. She has arthritis, and it has damaged the joints in her one knee, her feet, her hips, and her hands, wrists, and elbows; and she also has breathing problems that have put her into the hospital. She isn't dying, but she has been close to death many times in her young life. The children are talking to Santa Claus (many young children believe in Santa; it is part of the magic of Christmas), and the little boy wanted to skip Christmas altogether (he told Santa he didn't want anything because he had more than enough; he wanted Santa to help the poor people first), while the little girl wanted one day without pain in her joints. She was tired of hurting all of the time.

Their simple, but profound, requests nearly ripped my heart out.

Yet, I also observe other people other than these two precious children who shine with the Love and Joy of My Boss; they have accepted My Boss into their hearts; and their lives are full of purpose and joy, even despite heartbreaking health problems. I observe others who live upon the Earth; and I see men beating their wives or kids on a regular basis, showing absolutely no remorse or responsibility for their behavior or actions, young kids taking harmful drugs into their young bodies, young teens having sex with people they hardly even know, young mothers abandoning their precious newborns into the trash or out on the street, with no regard for their well being or safety, grown men leering and laughing as they watch one of their "friends" raping a young child in a brutal manner, drunken men (or women) lying in their own filth on the street and having people walk on by them, looks of disgust or revulsion on their faces, or even people being murdered for their believing in Jesus Christ. In addition, I see buildings being blown up or bombed (such as the World Trade Centers in New York City, New York, last September 11, where many lives were senselessly taken by terrorists who have no regard for humanity or human life). People by the thousands are dying because of wars, sicknesses, violence, or starvation, and it seems that nobody even cares. All they seem to care about is themselves and nobody else.

It seems that Jesus has been removed from the Earth; more and more people are being punished for believing in Him; and it seems that since prayer or the mere mention of God or Jesus has been removed the world has gone on a steady, but rapid, decline; the signs of Satan's dominance is everywhere as far as I can see; and it is enough to make me want to cry. Even the name Christ has been removed from Christmas; too many times people are more concerned about their personal affairs or gifts they cannot afford rather than to go to church and/or hear about the true meaning of Christmas. In fact, one hardly ever hears the carols anymore; all you hear are songs that have absolutely nothing to do with My Boss, songs about Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman, or those jingling bells.

Each year, I keep hoping that the world will get better, but so far, no such luck. It just keeps getting worse; and I am getting to the point to where I don't like my job as Christmas Angel any longer. It is nothing but a big disappointment to me. If things don't get any better soon, I am going to have to tell Jesus to get another person for the job; I can't seem to handle the stress any longer.

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