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A Christmas Wish

Sierra sat in the living room watching the lights on the Christmas tree. Serena had decorated the tree alone this year, Sierra had been to week, she was to weak to do much of anything. The miracle she had been praying for hadn’t seem to be granted, the cancer that had taken both of her legs was still ravaging her body, she was no longer on chemo it was no longer working, nothing was working and night and day she was being pumped with morphine to ease the pain.

" Serena I do not think I can hold on much longer. " Sierra said weakly one night.

" Sierra if you are too tired to fight I understand. "

" I want to make it through Christmas. "

Both the girls let the tears fall from their eyes as Sierra spoke. It wasn’t that Sierra had completely giving up hope, but she had to face the fact that she may not make it through this, short of a miracle she would not make it.

Lord give me the strength to get through it, and if I have to go, let Serena be able to get through this.

When Sierra was up to it, her and Serena would sing Christmas Carols just as they had done every Christmas before, and singing actually made Sierra feel a little better, made her for a moment forget the pain she was suffering.

Christmas morning came and Sierra was still hanging in there, it wasn’t an easy fight, but prayers were being answered. Sierra was actually starting to feel better and stronger, but either Sierra or Serena dared not get their hopes up to high, just to have them crushed again.

As they celebrated Christmas just Sierra and Serena together, they cherished each moment it had been the way they had celebrated since their parents had died just the two sisters, and now with Sierra so sick they knew they had to cherish the moment, each and every moment.

A few days after Christmas Sierra went for more blood working and the miracle they had been praying for was confirmed, Sierra had gone into spontaneous remission but both Sierra knew that it was not spontaneous at all that n fact it was the Lord who let this miracle happen.

" Thank you Lord. " Was all Sierra could say with the tears of joys in her eyes.

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