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An Unforgettable Christmas...

I still can't believe what my husband has done for me~

He got me a CAR for Christmas; and I don't even know HOW to drive yet! (HOW am I going to drive my car when I can't even DRIVE??)

I woke up early Christmas morning, and after I got my bearings together and took my medications, I went to the livingroom, only to see the Christmas tree all lit up and all the presents underneath. I knew that "Santa Claus" had come, and I knew that the children would be all excited when they saw all the presents underneath the tree; and that was when I heard some loud laughter coming in from the kitchen. The kitchen light was on, and I slowly made my way to the kitchen, and much to my surprise, there was my husband, Roberto, chatting with..MY BROTHERS, Keserian and Naiser! At the sight of my brothers, I screamed, and I started crying; I had NO idea they were coming! (No WONDER my husband had been acting so secretive the past few days; he'd be grinning, and when I asked him what was so funny, he'd say, "Oh, never mind!", and that was when I knew that he had something up his sleeve.) Keserian and Naiser both started crying when they saw me, and soon, we were hugging each other, and we were all crying from joy and excitement at seeing each other again!

I then heard the children from their rooms (Kibarake and Eshe were both crying sleepily, and Jubaki was yelling, "It's CHRISTMAS! It's CHRISTMAS! Did Santy come? Did Santy come??"), so I told Roberto to take care of the children while I visited with my brothers. I couldn't believe how well both Naiser and Keserian looked; and I was surprised at how well Keserian was getting around on forearm crutches and leg braces. The last time I saw Keserian back in Kenya last summer, he was still in the hospital, and at the time he couldn't walk, as he was recovering from his injuries. (He had been attacked by a lion while he was tending to his cattle.) Now he was standing on crutches and was WALKING.

After the kids were up, changed, washed up, and were dressed, Roberto then brought them in to the livingroom, and Jubaki was yelling, "He CAME! Oh, Santy CAME!! He brought presents for Jubaki!!", and the twins were amazed at the sight of all the brightly wrapped presents under the lighted up Christmas tree. Roberto then started passing out presents after everyone was seated in the livingroom. The biggest cry came when Jubaki got his big gift, which, to my surprise, was a remote control Hummer. The Hummer was yellow, and it came with batteries and a remote control which could be operated by pushing a few buttons, and depending on which buttons you pressed, it could go forwards or backwards, and it had lights and a horn that beeped. Jubaki loved that! (The dog didn't, though; when the Hummer began to go, it scared him, and he went running into the kitchen, yelping, with his tail tucked between his legs, and his eyes wide with terror! [I wasn't none too happy either when I found out that the toy remote-control Hummer cost $99.00 at Wal*Mart!])

After the presents had all been opened, Roberto then handed me an envelope that had my name on it. When I opened it, there were a set of car keys in it, and nothing else. I looked at him all confused; but then I heard the noise of a car horn beeping, and Roberto quickly got up, and when he looked out the front window, he grinned, and he said, "Honey, your present is here. Look out the front picture window, and you will see your Christmas present. It's from me." When I looked out, I nearly fainted. There, sitting in the driveway, was a beautiful orange Volkswagen Beetle that had a bright red Christmas bow wrapped around it and a sign on the front that said, "Merry Christmas, M'buti! With Love, your husband, Roberto". When I saw the car, I couldn't help BUT to start crying. I then said to him, "You got me a CAR??" and he said, "Yes! Merry Christmas, darling!"

Now it is two days after Christmas, and I still can't believe that MY husband spent THAT kind of money on ME! He doesn't NEED to be doing that, you know...he's got KIDS and a WIFE to take care of; he DOESN'T need to be spending all that extra money on ME! Especially on stuff like remote-control Hummers, let alone, a REAL LIFE CAR!! (Do you know that REAL Beetles cost at LEAST $11,000?? They aren't CHEAP!!) And HE expects ME to learn to drive that thing?? Oh, HORRORS!! (I can just see ME behind the wheel....)    
Million to none
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