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Christmas Goes to the Dogs

Bailey sat under the Christmas tree, his head laying on his paws as he was deep in thought. The large, handsome German Shepherd was thinking about now nice it was that Christmas was here. The lights were lit on the tree and Christmas carols played softly on the stereo. The family was gathered around and everyone was laughing and having a good time.

"What'chya doing, cousin Bailey?" Coco came over to him and sat down next to his big, strong cousin.

Bailey looked at the little brown poodle with the big dark eyes and soft, silky fur. "Just thinking, cousin Coco."

"'Bout what?" He asked curiously. He always wondered what went through that mind of Bailey's.

"How nice it is that the family is together for Christmas."

"And how we're going to have turkey and play with all our new presents!" Coco yipped excitedly.

"That's nice too," Bailey agreed, "but Christmas isn't all about presents, you know."

"What is it about, cousin Bailey?" Coco leaned in closer so that he could hear his great, big cousin speak.

Bailey put his arm around his little buddy. "Well, we celebrate Christmas because it is the birth of Christ."

"Christ?" Coco asked.

Bailey nodded. "He was born in a manger in the city of Bethlehem."

"What's a manger?"

"It's like a stable, silly. It's a trough where animals go to eat and drink. Joseph took his wife Mary to the inn for the night but there was no room for them. They had to sleep in the stable and that's where baby Jesus was born. People came from all over to see the newborn king. There were a lot of animals there too."

"Animals?" Coco asked. "You mean, like us?"

Bailey nodded again. "There might have been a few dogs but it's said that the farm animals were there."

"Farm animals?"

"You know, lambs, donkeys, even an ox."

"An ox? Wow, cousin Bailey. I don't think I've ever seen an ox before."

"There's a legend about animals at Christmas. It says that for one hour on Christmas eve, all the animals in the world can speak."

"We speak to each other all the time, cousin Bailey." Coco pointed out.

"That's true but we do it in our minds and nobody can hear us."

"That's funny! You have a loud voice. How can anyone not hear you?"

"People hear us when we bark and cry, cousin Coco. It's different from when we talk to each other in our minds."

"Did the baby Jesus make us talk to each other like that?" Coco asked.

"I think so. Jesus did so many wonderful, special things. Sometimes we all have a tendency to forget that. We celebrate Christmas because it's His birthday. When we give each other presents, we do it because it's His birthday."

"Didn't He get any presents for His birthday, cousin Bailey?"

"Three kings brought Him very special gifts."

"Like a new bone?"

Bailey shook his head. "No, silly. They brought Him gold, frankincense and myrrh. Only dogs get bones, cousin Coco. We always have to remember that Christmas is the birth of Jesus. It's nice to get presents but that's not what Christmas means."

"Christmas is about love and family and being together. Right, cousin Bailey?"

"You got it, little buddy."

Coco nuzzled his face against his cousin's. "I love you, cousin Bailey."

"I love you too, cousin Coco."

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too, little buddy."

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