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Christmas Time's A Comin'!

I am looking forward to this Christmas, which is only a few short weeks away; seems like only yesterday when it was my "half birthday" and the "half birthday" party; now it is nearly Christmas, and I will be 12 years old in only 22 short days (three weeks from tomorrow!)!

I am quickly changing from a child into a teenager: I am getting taller, and I am getting all the signs of womanhood: I am getting breasts (I now no longer wear undershirts; I now wear bras!) and hips, I now have that special event that all women face once a month (ICK!), as a way to get their bodies ready to have kids when they are older, and pretty soon, I will be in junior high (next year!!). I will also be learning to drive in a few short years in a program for disabled teens, and I will soon be having my first boyfriend and go on my first date. Things that interested me when I was small no longer hold my interest; I am more into doing things like having sleepovers with my friends, writing in my online journal or working on my book writing, or checking out the latest trends in fashion or music, just like all teens do.

I have already written a letter to Santa Claus (I am afraid it will be my last; I now know that he isn't real, but it sure made for some exciting times when I was little! I shall miss those innocent days!), and I have already started shopping for my family and friends; and I see all the decorations going up at our house. I also see Maman in the kitchen, slaving away as she makes her special Christmas treats, and I see Daddy putting up the lights and other decorations; and see the same look on the faces of my little brothers and sisters as they wonder about Santa Claus. It is such a magical, happy time, and it seems funny, but four years ago, I nearly didn't make it to 12 (or even 9, 10, or even 11), as I had a stroke on my eighth birthday, but I have gotten over it, and I am really looking forward to turning 12 years old. I am no longer a little girl (short, yes, but it's coz my parents were a little on the short side, that is, my REAL parents!); I am turning into a teenager next year, and I am looking forward to all that teenagerhood has to offer. Being a teenager is such an exciting time in a person's life, and I am really looking forward to it! I will be able to wear make up on a regular basis instead of only when I perform on stage or participate in a special church program or something, I will be able to learn how to drive a car and go places when I get my driver's license, I will be able to find my first boyfriend and go on a date to the movies or out to eat, and I will be able to stay up later on the weekends instead of going to bed at nine, which is what I do now.

I used to have a major problem with having a birthday on Christmas because in the past, I would get bent out of shape due to people forgetting that it was my birthday too, besides it being Christmas; but now I have come to enjoy it. I think having a birthday on a day like Christmas is actually pretty cool because it is such a pretty time of year, what with all the lights, the decorations, the colder weather (complete with snow!!), and the presents; and I like the attention that having a Christmas Birthday brings. (Hey, I'm no dummy! LOL) I also like sharing my birthday with my twin sister, Robyn, and calling her on Christmas and wishing her a happy birthday (sometimes she'll come over, and we spend the day together; she only lives just across the street!), and with my brother, my favorite brother, Johnny, whose birthday is the day AFTER mine and Robyn's! He gets a lot in the way of extra attention too, and he loves it just as much as me! LOL

I love Christmas because my sisters who live out of the house get to come home, and we get to be a whole family again, and I love seeing my cousins who live out of state, and I also get to see my friends from Alaska, California, and Texas, again! We always have the best time, and everyone is dressed up so pretty and everyone looks like the Christmas lights: all bright and shining! I also enjoy the carols and going out about the neighborhood come evening time, singing carols to all the neighbors, and feeling the tickle of snow flakes land on our faces and feel the snappy, cold winds on our faces, which turn red from the cold! I love paying homage to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, which is what the Christmas holiday season is really all about, and I love all those wonderful Christmas songs: "O, Holy Night", "Silent Night", "Hark Ye Herald Angels Sing", "Joy To The World!" that give the holiday so much significance! In addition, I love the time off from school and having a few weeks to do whatever I wish!

Yes, Christmas time is definitely "a comin'", and I am reallly looking forward to all of what it stands for!!

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