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My Christmas Bullet

Every kid who believes in Santa Claus knows Santa lives at the North Pole. Many of them do not know there is a town called North Pole in Alaska, where Santa gets his mail stamped by the Postal Service. I found out about North Pole from my friend who lives there, Theresa - her friends call her Teri.

Teri is a very strong person. Some time before she moved to North Pole, she was beaten up badly and almost killed by someone who had been beaten up when he was a child. But Teri did not give up on people. Instead of trying to get even by hurting others or hurting herself, she does her best to help people who have been hurt. She understands them and she is there for them. She actively cares for children who need her the most. For example, a special child will be staying with her this Christmas. Teri also cares for animals. The townspeople are wise to her: unwanted pets have been abandoned in her yard.

For some strange reason, even wild animals know how kind Teri is. They come from miles around to visit her house. Mama Moose and Baby Moose showed up last winter and stayed for quite awhile. Well, yes, the horse fodder was the main attraction, but Teri was there for them too. She let them hang around and took pictures of them. You see, not only is Teri formally a Reverend Doctor of Divinity with a Masters in Parapsychic Science, she is also a fine photographer and a poet. Alaska is an excellent place for her to live because she loves to photograph Nature and to write poems about its astounding beauty.

Wherever Teri goes, unusual things happen. Something unusual happened just before Christmas near North Pole, Alaska.

"Yesterday started as any day would," Teri said. "I had no clue as to how this beautiful Sunday would effect my mind, heart, and soul. Jim and I were driving down a road off the highway in a forest area. There was a car in front of us. It pulled over and someone got out with a dog. We were turning around to exit the street when the other car took off, leaving the dog behind. The dog chased our vehicle out onto the main road in a panic, trying to keep up with us. We pulled over, afraid he was going to get hit by another car."

Teri and Jim picked up the strange dog, a one-year old, liver-and-tan Doberman. He was very thin and beat up, but extremely friendly. They took him to Wendy's to get him some water, where he scarfed down burger after burger. They looked in the newspaper, checked with the animal shelter, and went to the police station in case someone had reported the dog missing, but no such luck. So they took him home.

"That afternoon he went into a seizure," Teri said. "I discovered he had a wound on his chest. I don't think I have ever cried so hard rushing to the emergency vet miles away in Fairbanks, where the vet told me the dog had been shot about a week earlier! His mouth was filled with sores and his body was full of cuts and bruises. I was appalled at how someone could have done this to this creature made by God."

The vet treated the dog's gunshot wound and prescribed antibiotics. He left the bullet in the dog, saying he would decide later whether to remove it. He told Teri the dog had obviously been well bred and was a valuable dog. Why would anyone want to hurt such a gentle and friendly creature is something good people cannot fully understand.

Teri took the dog back home, dressed him in a T-shirt to cover his bandaged wound, and named him "Bullet." As Christmas drew near, she spread the word around North Pole about Bullet, the lost-and-found dog. She sent out email, and posted articles and poems on the Internet to keep everyone informed of Bullet's progress.

I am not really a dog-person, but I grew attached to Bullet. Sure, I loved to read dog stories when I was a boy, but the stories were about wild dogs or runaway dogs, not house dogs. That is probably why I ran away from the big dog who chased me home - he was probably just being friendly. Anyway, I did not think dogs should be cooped up in houses. Besides, I think camels are man's best friend. Still, I grew fonder and fonder of Bullet as Teri sent me bulletins apprising me of his progress:  "Bullet likes to sit with his head in my lap when I am working at the computer... " "Bullet is still having small seizures but he is doing much better today: the ointments and antibiotics must be helping. I wasn't planning on adding any new additions to my life, but this beautiful dog just touched my heart and I am thankful we were there at the right time to save this poor abused soul from what would have meant his death."

"Bullet is very gentle today, and very playful. His tail and ears are docked, he has been neutered, and he knows several commands. He has finally figured out that the food and water is here for him all the time, as before he kept eating as the plate was being filled."

"My other pets aren't too sure about this frisky new tall adolescent in their home. But he is persistent and gets someone to play with him as he runs through the house knocking over things as he goes. He brings you whatever he can and drops it at your feet."


"Thank You to all of you for the wonderful email and comments of support for Bullet. He is recovering greatly and has stopped having seizures. He is putting on weight and seems to be one happy little doggy dude. He still has to wear a T-shirt to cover the bullet wound. But he doesn't seem to notice. He has another vet visit in December to see where to go from here. Now if I could get my cat to love him!
Thank you all again! God Bless."

"PLEASE if you know of an animal that is being abused contact ASPCA American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals at I followed the news with keen interest, smiling as Bullet quickly gained back lost weight. Then the story ended in a happy tragedy. Bullet's owners were found. Bullet's real name is Jazz. He had apparently been stolen. Two boys had been asking Santa to bring him back home for Christmas.

Here is Teri's Press Release:  

We found Bullet's owners!

For him that is joined to all the living there is hope: For a living dog is better then a dead lion.

"Great news, we found Bullet's owners yesterday: Dallas and Rhonda's two boys. They let him out about three weeks ago with their other Doberman. When they opened the door to let them back in, Jazz (Bullet) was gone. They had given up hope that he would be found again. It broke my heart to have to inform them he had been shot and had been through quite a bit. The boys informed me that they had asked Santa to find Jazz and to bring him home for Christmas. Jazz was very happy to see his family. It warmed my heart to see him running around their home with a homecoming-toy hanging out of his mouth.

"He is healing up wonderfully! Dallas and Rhonda will be taking him in for his follow up veterinary visits. They said we could visit Jazz whenever we want, being very kind people. Though I miss this beautiful dog that so touched my heart and soul. I am glad he is back in a home where he is loved and belongs. I thank God that we could have had the opportunity to have helped this astounding creature made by our Heavenly Father and return him healthy back to his home. I want to thank all of you for your supportive comments and e-mails. While I would like to wish Dallas, Rhonda and family many happy years With their beautiful dog we know as Bullet!"  
How sad I was for Teri because of this Happy Ending. Yet we did not hear a whimper of sadness from her. I tried to get her to say she was unhappy about losing Bullet, but she would not cry on my email shoulder.

Teri's husband Jim brought her a present a day or two after Santa made sure Jazz was safe at home with the two boys. Somehow Santa knew Teri loves Dalmatians, because he had Jim bring her Samantha, a beautiful Dalmatian.

I still miss my Christmas Bullet. Santa works in mysterious ways. I am going to ask Santa for something special this year.

  Happy Holidays!
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