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Time To Break Out The Holly Again....(

Hard to believe, but Christmas time is almost here: I can see the signs appearing steadily day by day, and it seems the closer it gets, the faster these "signs" start to appear. I now see twinkling lights, Christmas trees of all shapes, sizes, and colors, brightly wrapped presents, greenery being strewn about, shoppers carrying mysterious "bags" and "packages" as they hurridly go from store to store, their faces showing secrecy and mystery, as they hope to fool their friends or loved ones, or surprise them with an unforgettable gift, and see Christmas-themed goodies start appearing in the bakery or store-front windows.

I wish I could say that I could hear the ringing of the Christmas sleigh bells or hear the melodious voices of the carolers as they serenade people with Christmas carols, but I can't: I am deaf. I was born deaf, and while I can't hear the music or bells ringing, I CAN only imagine what they must sound like, and it gives me a pleasant feeling inside me. I can enjoy the other sensations that the season has to offer: the sight of the lights, shoppers, and Christmas decorations, the sharp, tingling, nose-tickling smell of the pine trees, the taste of the sweet sugar as it melts on my tongue as I bite into a soft, doughy Christmas cookie or donut, and the feel of the beat of the Christmas tunes being played on the radio or in front of me, or the feel of Santa's soft, flowing white beard and the softness of warm wintery clothing.

I have always loved Christmas, and every Christmas, I am transported to the season of my youth, and it gives me many happy memories. Last Christmas wasn't so merry though, for me: I spent it in a hospital, recovering from horrific injuries; and now I am no longer the same, but I am grateful to be out of the hospital, and to be spending Christmas with a new husband and my fellow family members. I am once again able to spend it with my friends and my family, and I am able to once again enjoy the sights, smells, tastes, and textures that make Christmas time so exciting!    
A man is a man from birth!
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