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Sam and Carol are newlyweds, living in their new home. Sam is teaching Carol how to golf. She smacks the ball with the club and it goes through the neighbor's window.

Knowing that they need to apologize, they head over to the neighbor's house. A strange looking little man opens the door.

Sam says, "Hi. Sorry to bother you. I'm Sam and this is my wife, Carol. We just moved in next door. I was teaching my wife to play golf, and she sent the ball flying through your window. I can't tell you how sorry I am. We will pay..."

The little man interrupted him. "You broke my window, but that doesn't concern me. When the ball flew in, it shattered a very old lamp. I am a genie and I lived in that lamp. Now I have no place to live. However, since you did let me out, I'm required to grant you 3 wishes."

Sam and Carol discuss this and tell the genie that they're so much in love, the only thing they could really want is financial security. The genie says, "You shall want for nothing as long as you both shall live."

They realize that this could mean that they could be dead tomorrow, so they immediately make their second wish. "We'd like to live long lives and die in each other's arms at a ripe old age." The genie tells them that they shall have their wish.

Sam and Carol cannot for the life of them figure out what they should wish for. Carol, still feeling remorse for the golf ball incident, says "You know, we've ruined your home. You should get the 3rd wish."
The genie is shocked, but after much deliberation, decides that his wish is to sleep with Carol. The couple agrees, and Carol and the genie go upstairs.

About an hour later, the genie comes downstairs and says to Sam "She's amazing! How old is she?"

Sam says "27."

The genie asks "How old are you?"

Sam says "30"

"And you two still believe in genies??"

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

Downloads: 7403

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