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Johnny's Genie

Billy, Johnny and David, three six year old boys, were playing in the woods when Johnny found an old oil lamp.
"Cor," Billy said. "That's prob'ly one of those Genie lamps wot I keep reading about. Give it a rub and we'll have three wishes or sumfink."

"Hang on a minute," said David. "I've read about these Genies too and they always tries to trick you into having sumfink you don't want. We ought to think about this first."

"Well I know wot I want," Billy said. "I'm going to ask if my body could be covered in Gold so's I can scrape it all off and buy a car and park it right outside my house."

"Yeah," David joined in. "Only I'm going to ask if my body could be covered in platinum, an' then I'm going to buy two cars to park outside my house.

"Well," retorted Johnny. "That is a good idea but you should axe for your body to be covered in hair 'cos my sister's only got a little patch on her and you should see the cars lined up outside my house!"

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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