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Don't believe in leprechauns!

A drunk guy walks into the bathroom at a bar and as he's walking toward the urinals he sees this tiny guy trying to climb up the urinal and whip it out at the same time. The guy says "Damn dude, your friggin short!"The little man drops down from the urinal, zips his fly and says with a thick irish accent "Aye lad, tis cuz I'm a leprechaun, and since you caught me I'll grant you three wishes" The drunk guy is overjoyed and says "Right on man, for my first wish then I want 100 million dollars." "Alright then, done. You now have a million dollars in your bank account. What is your second wish?" The drunk guy scratches his head and says "I wish that every time I winked a chick she would get an irresistable urge to do me" The leprechaun again snaps his little fingers and says "Very well lad, done. Now what would you like for your third and final wish?" The drunk guy thinks for a minute and says"Well I got all the money I could ever want, and I can get all the women I want so I guess I ought to be able to please the women sexually so I wish that uh, ya know, there was more long to my schlong." The leprechaun replies "Ah lad, now that one's gonna cost ya" The drunk guy says "Aw come on man, what do I gotta do?" The leprechaun says "Well lad, I've had all the women I've wanted for hundreds of years, but I've never had a man before.If you let me have my way with you then I'll grant your wish" The drunk guy thinks a minute and say's "Hey if ya cut down one tree ya ain't a lumberjack, what the hell" So they walk into a stall and the leprechaun starts to have his way with the guy when he says" so lad, how old are you?" The drunk guy says " T-T-Twenty seven" The leprechaun then hops down zips his fly and says in a deep scratchy voice and without an irish accent "Ha, and you still believe in leprechauns huh?"
Great idea for the thief!
[HOT VIDEO] Great idea for the thief!

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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