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Three old ladies are walking down the street

Three old ladies are walking down the street. They are hard of hearing. One: "Whew, it's windy today!" Two: "No. Today's Thursday!" Three: "So am I! Let's go to a bar! A guy walked into a bar and sat down next to an extremely gorgeous woman. The first thing he noticed about her though, was her pants. They were skin-tight, high-waisted and had no obvious mechanism (zipper, buttons or velcro) for opening them. After several minutes of puzzling over how she got the pants up over her hips, he finally worked up the nerve to ask her. "Excuse me miss, but how do you get into your pants?" he asks. "Well," she replied, "You can start by buying me a drink." A beer was spilt on the barroom floor,
And the bar was closed for the night...
And out of his hole, crawled a little brown mouse,
Who made a funny sight...
He lapped up that beer, on the barroom floor,
And back on his haunches he sat...
And all through the night you could hear him yell,
"Bring on the d*mn cat!" After spending a happy evening drinking together, two acquaintances promise to meet again in ten years at the same bar, same time. Ten years later, the first guy walks in, looks around, and sure enough, there is his friend on a bar stool. He clasps the old friend's hand and cries, "The day we left, I didn't think I'd really see you here!" The friend looks up, stares, sways slightly and asks, "Who left?" A man's driving along when he's pulled over by a cop car. A cop approaches him and asks, "Have you been drinking, sir?" "Nah, why?" replies the man. "Have I got a fat chick in my car?" A man comes in to the room and says to his wife, "I'm going to the pub. Get your coat on." The wife, overjoyed that he has included her in his activity replies, "Does that mean that you are taking me with you, darling?" The husband replies, "No - I'm turning the heating off."
The Ninja strikes again
[HOT VIDEO] The Ninja strikes again

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