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Steve's Hangover...

Steve wakes up one morning with a terrible hangover and absolutely no idea where he was or what he was doing the night before.

He sits up in bed and looks around the bedroom. Everything is really clean and organized, and there are flowers on the dresser, along with a note.

Stumbling out of bed, he opens the note from his wife, which reads:

“I tidied up around the house this morning and got some flowers. I’m out at the market getting food to prepare your favorite breakfast, and tonight I’m going to make your favorite dinner.

“Much love, Sarah.”

Confused, he heads downstairs wondering what the hell happened the night before. Seeing his son in the living room, he asks if he knows.

“Oh, yeah,” Steve Jr. responds. “You came home last night p*ss drunk. You even vomited all over the garage.”

Scratching his head, Steve Sr. then asks, “But why is your mother acting this way…? Cleaning the house, buying flowers, making my favorite food…?”

“Well, last night, she followed you into the bedroom. She was really upset, but wanted to get you out of your vomit-covered clothes. But when she tried to take your pants off, you told her to stop and yelled, ‘NO! I’m married!’ ”
Dad Turns His Son Into A Drum Beatin\'
[HOT VIDEO] Dad Turns His Son Into A Drum Beatin\'

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