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A Family Made Of Miracles - Karen Lynn Vidra , The Texas Tornado

You have already heard quite a bit about the Sandusky family, as told by several different members of the family. You probably know their story quite well by now.

Like, for example, how the couple met (they met at a Cajun dance-hall when they were just teenagers), how they lost their three natural born children (two died while still infants), and how they came to adopt many special-needs children, children with heartbreaking physical or mental handicaps. You also know some of the tragic stories surrounding several of the children (like Ronee', for example, and all she has had to endure living with numerous medical crises in her young life, or with Johnny, as another example, who happens to be dying of a progressive neuromuscular disorder).

Well, I am their neighbor. I happen to live right across the street from the Sanduskys.

My name is Jayne. Jayne Pauline Mulligan. I am a school nurse, and my husband, Michael, is a school coach. (He coaches high school football.)

We have a big family ourselves: we have 10 children, several of them adopted. Our children are: Mike, Jr. (18), Polly (16), LuAnne
(14), Melinda (13), Stevie (her real name is Stephanie, but she is a tomboy, and she prefers to be known as Stevie; she is 15), Adam (11), Robyn (9 1/2), Kimmy (8), Britni (7), and Alejandro (3). (Britni, Robyn, LuAnne, Kimmy, Polly, Stevie, and Alejandro are all adopted. Alejandro is from Nicaragua, while Britni and Kimmy are from Vietnam. Robyn and LuAnne are from Louisiana, and Polly and Stevie are from Georgia. [Robyn and LuAnne are half sisters, and Robyn so happens to be the biological twin sister of Ronee', who lives with the Sanduskys!])

We have known the Sanduskys ever since we moved here to Nashville, Tennessee, from California four years ago, and we haven't met such a nicer group of people. They have welcomed us into the neighborhood, and they have been so supportive of our decision to "add to the family", such as they have. They have showed much love and compassion, not only to Mike and myself, but to our children; and our children are very good friends with THEIR children. (It seems either some of my kids are at their house, or vice-versa!)

Granted, the sheer size of this family (50 kids, not to mention, their house, which is HUGE!) takes some time getting used to, but once people get to know them, they will find a house full of Christian love, total acceptance of their children's physical or mental handicaps, and offering children without hope a chance to succeed in life, even despite having overwhelming disabilities.

Also, seeing children of all colors or races or children with very noticeable disabilities is bound to attract some attention; but the familyu seems to take it in stride; and they go on, despite the stares or comments from other people.

Their children are what is most important to them (besides their faith in God, that is), and they would DIE for them or give up all they had, just so that their children have all whatever they may need in life. They are also that devoted to their children, and it is so amazing to watch. Most people see a larger-than-average family, but all we see is a family made of miracles, as miracles happen very regularly within this family every day.

True, they aren't perfect, as far as parents go (that is, they will admit that they make mistakes; all parents do, including both Mike and myself), but they always try to focus on the positives and on the needs of their children first, and the needs of others (or themselves) second. Their children are their very LIFE.

If we could just try to emulate ourselves after them, then our family would be a lot better off! The world certainly needs more people like the Sandusky family! It would certainly be much nicer if there were, THAT is for certain!!
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