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Rohit couldn’t take his eyes off the glittering pair of gold earrings kept in the showcase of the jewelry shop. How much he wished to see those earrings on his elder sister Monica’s ears. Rohit was a19 year old young boy who had a 25-year-old sister Monica.

Rohit was working in a small pizza hut while Monica worked as a waitress in a teashop. With lots of difficulties they made their ends meet. Every day while returning from work, Rohit would stop in front of the jewelry shop at the market road. He would then stand there for a long time looking at the dazzling pair of gold earrings kept on the showcase. He always wanted to present those earrings to Monica on her birthday. Today again as usual he was standing staring at the earrings.

His mind drifted back to the past five years when life was very happy and gay for Rohit and Monica. They then lived in a posh colony with their parents. They were quite rich and lived a luxurious life full of comfort. Rohit’s Dad was a big business man and had achieved lot of fame. Their life was going on steadily but all of a sudden Rohit ‘s Dad had some problems in his business and he lost a lot of money. His company suffered a major loss in a deal.

All the money he had earned was gone. He had to mortgage his bungalow and his farms for want of money. Finally the bungalow was auctioned and all of them moved into a small hut. Rohit’s Dad could not bear to see the plight of his family. He died out of a massive heart attack. Rohit’s Mom also didn’t survive for long. Rohit and Monica were left orphaned. They had many relatives and friends. But now when they were in need, there was no one to help them. There was no one to lend them a helping hand. Both of them were heart broken. But Monica never gave up her courage. She was Rohit’s elder sister so she knew that Rohit was her responsibility now. Rohit was the apple of her eyes and she could never let him be sad. She knew that she had a long life ahead and also Rohit to look after. Monica boldly stood up. At such an early age she started working at different places. She gave Rohit all her love and care. Monica was no more Rohit’s elder sister; she was actually like his mother. She could never stand a teardrop on his face.

Monica worked day and night, but she always let Rohit lead a comfortable life. Rohit was only 14 yrs old then. Monica left her college, because she knew she couldn’t afford her studies. But rohit continued with his studies. Monica wanted him to have all the best things in life. Her entire life was dedicated to rohit. Slowly rohit grew up to be 19 yrs old and he took up a job in a pizza hut, so as to help Monica.

“Hey! Get away from the middle of the road. Do you want to die? Are you blind? Move away!”

Rohit was standing near the jewelry shop dreaming about his past. He didn’t see a car speeding from the other way.

“Oh! I am really sorry sir,” said Rohit to the car driver. He gave way for the car. Just then he realized that he was standing there since long. He hurried back home.

“Why are you late today? I was getting worried about you”, said a feeble voice. This voice was of Monica who was lying on the bed.

“ I am sorry, I had some extra work today,” lied rohit. He quietly had his food, and then gave a good night kiss to Monica. Monica smiled weakly.

“Did you have your medicine on time?”, asked Rohit.

“Yes I did. Goodnight now”, replied Monica.

“Don’t lie, you haven’t taken your medicine, I know,” said Rohit. “ How will you get alright if you don’t take your medicines on time?”

“ I am going to be alright very soon. I will be fit and fine within a few days time”, assured Monica.

But Rohit very well knew that these assurances were all fake. He knew that his beloved sister Monica is going to leave him very soon. He helplessly kept string at the black scars below her eyes, her dry hairs and face a little wrinkled. Monica looked totally pale and weak. She couldn’t even get up on her own. Rohit saw his sister’s plight and he was on the verge of crying. But he knew that he couldn’t cry in front of Monica.

Monica was suffering from cancer. She was taking medicines. But everyone knew that it was not possible to save her. She was so weak that she looked almost like a skeleton. Monica had spent her entire life with suffering. She had undergone so many troubles, but it was all for the sake of her darling brother Rohit. Rohit knew how many sacrifices his sister did for him, but today he stood helpless and could do nothing for Monica.

Rohit knew that he cannot save his sister but there was one thing he could do for her.
Monica liked jewelry a lot; she rather had a passion for jewelry. In a jewelry shop, Rohit had seen a beautiful pair of gold earrings and he wanted to buy them for Monica on her birthday, which was to be on the next week.

Rohit had started saving a little amount of his salary since long. But still he didn’t have enough money to buy the earrings. Now he had just a week left with him. He overworked himself, he started doing all sorts of jobs like cleaning garages for people, and washing cars etc. In this manner he started collecting money. Time however seemed to run faster and the week got over. The next day was Monica’s birthday. Rohit still didn’t have enough money with him. He was very sad and morose.He had planned that next day while coming back from his job; he would buy those earrings for Monica. But now it seemed impossible.

Rohit was walking towards his workplace the next day thinking as to how would he make enough money for the earrings. Then suddenly his eyes fell up on an advertisement on a wall. That advertisement was about a blood donation camp, which had come in their city. He took down the address from the notice and reached the camp. He donated his blood there and in return he was paid quite well.

He was returning home in the evening and he went to the jewelry store. The salesman there was known to him. Rohit had told him not to sell those pair of earrings, as he wanted to buy them for his sister. The salesman knew of Rohit’s plight and so he had kept his promise. He was happy to see Rohit in the shop.

“Hi! I have enough money for the earrings today”, announced Rohit.

He then gave off all the money he had been collecting since long.

“I’ve also kept up my promise rohit, here are the earrings”, said the salesman as he handed over the earrings to Rohit.

Rohit took the little red box in his hands. He opened it and saw the shining earrings. They looked like a beam of light. The earring studded with diamonds and beautifully decorated with a red colored glittering stone in between.

“Do give my best wishes to Monica”, said the salesman.

Rohit thanked him and walked towards home. He tucked the earring into his pocket. He rushed towards home, as he wanted to reach as fast as possible. He knew that Monica would be very happy to see the earrings. He just couldn’t wait to see that priceless smile on her face. He reached home and tapped the door lightly. He saw that the door was left open. He went inside but didn’t find Monica on the bed.

“Where are you? I had told you that you shouldn’t get up from the bed”, said Rohit. But he didn’t get any answer.

He rushed to the kitchen and found Monica lying on the floor. He rushed to her and tried to wake her up. Monica was totally numb. Rohit checked her heartbeats, but couldn’t hear any. The realization struck rohit that he had lost his dear sister. Monica was no more. Rohit just couldn’t react; he didn’t know what to do.
Rohit just sat there hugging and kissing his sister. He put his hands in the pocket and brought out the earrings, which he had bought for Monica. He put on the earrings on her ears. He then kept gazing at her for a long time. Monica looked as beautiful as an angel with those glittering earrings.

But alas Monica can never see the present her brother had bought for her with so much difficulty.
Rohit’s wish to see an invaluable smile on her face remained unfulfilled.
Happy birthday
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