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A Day in the Life of a Sim


The hours pass, but I am blissfully unaware of time, having succumbed to the lure of sleep long ago. My dreams are many, but fleeting – simple single images of things I want and things I fear: Mom, Dad, friends, school, and fun are all things I like, and therefore, want. Fire, burglars, not getting hugs, no play time, and bad grades are things I fear because they make me feel sad. All of these things are on parade in single dream pictures. This could go on forever.

Wake up.

Just like that, I’m awake. I sit up in my bed, stretching and yawning. I look around my room and see no one else nearby, so I wonder who said that?

Use the bathroom.

Come to think of it, I am feeling kinda full down there. But, how would anyone else know that, and why am I hearing voices telling me what to do? I may be a child, but I can think for myself and what I need to do. I’m going to be a teenager in a few days, so I can take care of myself. Even so, I walk into the next room to answer Nature’s call and walk back to my bedroom when I’m done. There’s a few hours left before I start school, so I’m going to have some fun.

Flush.  Wash your hands.

Hey! I said I’m going to have some fun! Didn’t you see the other paragraph? Hello?! There’s no answer.

I’ve been re-directed back to the bathroom to obey my unseen master (or mistress). I flush as requested, but instead of going to the sink (I thought I had to wash my hands?) I walk to the tub. Why?

Take a shower.

Oh, that’s why. I wish you’d make up your mind how to make up my mind. Once I stop at the tub, I jump into the air, pirouetting a few times, and land on my feet. Suddenly, I’m naked. How about that? Hands-free clothing! That’s pretty cool. I get in the tub and take my shower. It lasts for a few moments and then I get out. Another airborne pirouette, and now I’m wearing my regular clothes. Of course, my head feels kinda light, but hey, it beats doing it yourself. Besides, everything matches, and I haven’t put anything on backwards.

Now, I’m just standing here. Hey! What do you want me to do next?

(No answer.)

Okay, I think I’ll make my own breakfast; I’m feeling a little hungry. There’s an oven in my room that looks just like the big one in the kitchen downstairs. I’ll make something just like Mom does. Where’s the mixing bowl? Here it is. I’ll put in some of this, a bit of that, and a dash of the other thing. Cooking is cool. I’m not sure what this goop is, but who cares? Ketchup gravy makes anything taste good. Now to put it in the oven for awhile and wait.

Pick up teddy bear.

Hi there, Lil’ Buddy; come play with me. How are you? Wanna have some breakfast with me? I’m making whatevers with ketchup gravy…better than they make downstairs.

Resume cooking.

Uh-oh…Mr. Voice-In-My Head says I gotta put you down now. I’ll see you later, Lil’ Buddy. I open the oven door and black smoke comes out of it. I think I burned it. I pull the tray out of the oven and look at it. Maybe I should have put it on top of the oven and cooked it that way. It would be way cool to start a fire on it like Dad does when he cooks.

Clean up.

Clean up? No; I wanna eat my…whatever. You know, this really looks horrid. On the other hand, those pancakes Mom is serving up look really good and smell yummy. Okay, off to the dishwasher to dump this mess. Good thing I didn’t put the ketchup on it. Now, to have some pancakes; my tummy is growling a lot by this time. Mom sure knows how to cook. Dad, are you gonna make another fireball tonight? Ha, that was funny! I’m glad he has a sense of humor.

Go to school.

Well, that’s that. I’m off to school now. Bye, Mom and Dad. Bye, Mr. Voice-In-My-Head who makes me do everything but never says much. I wanna know who you are someday.


What a day – class work, pop quizzes (is there such a thing as mom quizzes), and gym class. I’m so glad to get home; I’m gonna chat with my buddies on the computer.

Hug Mom. Hug Dad.

I’m gonna chat with my buddies on the computer after I hug Mom and Dad.

Hey, wait a minute. Are we going to go through this again? I just went to school and survived without your help; I can certainly plan my afternoon the same way. Mmmm…I love getting hugs; they make me feel really good. Uh-oh…Dad’s gonna tickle me…hee hee hee hee hee…stop it, Dad…ha ha ha ha…Dad’s got me! Aaaaaa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Whew…that made me breathless. That was fun.

Ask Dad for help with your homework.

There you go, butting in again. Just who the heck are you, anyway? Haven’t you ever heard about all work and no play? Sheesh!

Oh, hi, Dad. What? You’re going to help me with my homework? But I hadn’t asked you yet; how did you know I was going to?

Boy, Dad must be psychic. Either that, or there’s a voice in his head making him do stuff, too. Oh, well; it’s time for homework. It’s funny listening to Dad talk…it sounds kinda like the adult people on “Peanuts.” It’s even funnier watching him talk because every few words a balloon shows up over his head with a picture of something, just like I do in my dreams.


It takes some time to do my homework, but I finally get it done. So, Mr. V.I.H., now can I have some fun?

Yoo-hoo…Hey, up there!  Maybe it’s bossing somebody else around. Better them than me; I’m going to chat on the computer. Hi, Orlando! Say, do you have some voice telling you when to eat, sleep and everything else? What do you mean, I’m crazy? I’m tellin’ you, there’s some voice that makes me do everything. No, I don’t know where it comes from; if I knew that, I’d find him and…

Use the bathroom.

See? Did you hear it? You didn’t? You don’t know nothin’. Bye, Orlando.

I hope you’re happy; my best friend thinks I’m crazy.

Talk to Mom.

Not now, I’m not finished yet! Boy, you’re bossy; I haven’t even flushed yet.

Talk to Dad.

All right, already! Talk about impatient! Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. School was fun. Yes, I got A’s. You’re sending me to private school? Aw, I wanna be with my friends. Hey, Dad, wanna play Red Hands? Ow! You got me. I’m gonna get you now. Hold still! Ow! Ha ha ha ha; I got you that time! I love you, Mom and Dad. You give the best hugs. I’m tired, now. I think I’ll…

Go to bed.

Um…what he said. Or she. Or it. Whatever. I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow!

As for you, my imaginary friend…I’ll find out who you are one of these days…zzzzzzzzzzzzz… (c) Robert E Blackwell

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