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A Good Day to Die?

After searching for nearly twenty-four hours it appeared he may have been lost forever. The not knowing what happened to him was the hardest part. Was he dead? Or was he still alive? Was he lying in a ditch, bleeding?

Finally the call came in. A kind woman had found him...on the side of the road....bleeding and broken up pretty badly. The woman told me which facility she brought him to. She also told me that she found him after a hit and run. At first she thought he was dead.

When I entered his small corner of the room he layed very still...death in his eyes. At first, when I entered the room, there was a lot of chaos and commotion. As I sat down beside him and began to speak, all noise subsided. Suddenly all ears were on me.

"Brandon, we're not going to give up on you. No matter what it takes, we'll see you through this." I started out saying. I sat with him for over an hour, reasurring him that we would not let him die.

As I left the office that day I assured him once more that everything would be alright and that daddy will come see him after work. For the first time I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

After work my husband met me at the office. Although we had been told by the doctor that Brandy had cracked disc's in his spine and would never walk, we were determined not to give up on him. The doctor's prognosis was bleek, he suggested we put Brandy to sleep forever.

That day we brought Brandy home. For weeks he couldn't walk and he had trouble controlling his bowels. Whenever he needed to go outside myself or my husband would need to carry the four-year-old Brittany Spaniel.

About two weeks after the accident, to my utter surprise, Brandy stood up. I immediately phoned the veterinarian; he strongly urged me not to let Brandy stand on his own. But the dog was determined; from that point on their was no stopping him. Brandy's now eight years old. Approximately six weeks after his accident, he was walking with ease. A few weeks later he was running. It wasn't a good day to die!
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