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Childhood Summer Memories

I was never shy, now that I think about it. Nor was I one to lag behind and follow others. Way back in the 50's there was not much television nor any computers or any video games the children have today. At seven years old you had to be creative in order to survive the boredom of the long hot summer days. There were only two other girls around my age that I hung around with, the others got older by the minute! That was alright because they would always give me some nifty ideas after they would describe the things that they had done. I guess you could say that there was a "click"... a female gang that we had formed during that summer and I was their leader.

Another hot day to think about what to do! My Grandmother lived four houses down from mine and she always had could help me with some ideas. On this day I gathered the girls around...." Listen up! There is Mrs. Kay down the street that hasn't been out of bed in several weeks. I think that we should go over and pay her a visit."

Someone from the group stated that Mrs. Kay was very ill, probably even dieing. I commented that she had no family to check on neither her nor anyone to even let her know that someone did care about her. Furthermore, I commented, that it is nice to know that someone still cares no matter how sick you are. I informed the group that we would only stay for a few minutes but first we had to get ready. "Ready…for what? "They all seemed to squawk at me. I informed the girls that we could not just simply go over as we were; we needed to get dressed up! They all stared at me....! I continued to tell them my plan and they finally agreed that it would be fun. All four of us marched over to my Grandmothers' house and I asked Grandma if we could borrow four dresses and some accessories so that we could visit a sick friend. Grandma asked no questions and supplied us with some real gems. I even got a hat with a feather in it!

We were ready and paraded down to the end of the street to where Mrs. Kay lived. Some of the girls repeatedly stated that we were making a mistake, that Mrs. Kay would not be happy about us just coming over unannounced. I informed them that the element of surprise was good for the soul, and the gesture we were making would mean more. We approached Mrs. Kay’s door and I knocked confidently. It was a few minutes until the door opened a peek. Mrs. Kay wanted to know who was there of course and I informed her that she was being honored by the four little old ladies who wanted to wish her a happy day. Mrs. Kay opened the door the entire way to get a good look at us. At first she just starred, but I saw the twinkle in her eyes and I smiled brightly for her. Mrs. Kay then began to laugh. As she hung on the door for support I noticed that her pale color was beginning to pink up. Behind me I could hear the other girls sigh in relief. Each of us said something nice to her and wished here a happy day. Then I sated that our few minutes was over due and that we must let her rest. Mrs. Kay thanked us for coming, that it was truly a surprise and that our visit was the best medicine that she has had in a long time. She commented on our lovely attire and told me that my Grandmother had good taste. The door closed and the girls were smiling.

The next afternoon a strange woman came asking for me at my Grandmothers. She was in tears as she handed me a note. I took the note and read, "Thanks for the nice visit. Mrs. Kay." The woman stated that her aunt had passed away that morning but before her aunt had slipped away she wanted the girls to know how much it meant to her to know others still cared. And it was by us going to see her that made her leaving easier.

Well....I never expected that!
[HOT VIDEO] Well....I never expected that!

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