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The Green Cats Eye Marble

 My Grandson stood on his tiptoes as he looked over the items on my dresser. He reached for the big green cats eye marble.

“What’s this Grandpa?

I smiled. “That’s Lucky my shooter marble.”

It had been a long time since I thought about that marble and why I called it Lucky.

It was March 1937 and we still trying to get through the Depression. I was seven years old and my brother Petey was five. The weather had finally broken. You still had to wear a coat but it was comfortable enough to stay outdoors. The guys were having a game of keepsies after the school and the anti was an item from our lunch. I had to convince Petey to give up the apple from our lunch. Back then we had to split a sandwich, an apple and a jug of milk between us.

“Petey you know we can eat like kings if I win and you know I’m good.”

“I don’t know Ernie I’m pretty hungry today. We only had stewed cabbage for dinner last night and you know how much I hate that.”

I pointed over to the paper sack that the other guys had put their stuff in. “Look over there. Tommy put in a piece of blueberry pie your favorite. I’ll let you have the whole thing. Ralph put in an orange. Spike threw in five pennies of his milk money. Kurt put in a whole bottle of coca cola. We can give that to Pop. You know how hard he’s been working. Henry put in rock candy and Joe a moon pie. How can we pass this up?”

Petey handed over the apple with a sigh. “OK but you better win. I’m really hungry.”

“I know, I know.”

It was near the end of the game. Spike and I were tied with six marbles. It was my turn to shoot. There was only one marble left in the circle. It was a dark blue aggie. I held my green shooter in the palm of my hand rubbing it between my fingers. The smoothness and weight felt right. It was warmed up and ready to shoot. It shot out of my thumb and forefinger with force and made contact with the aggie. I held my breath. All the guys held their breath. The aggie bumped across the dirt arena. It moved slowly towards the line. For second it didn’t look like it would make and then just by a hair it made it over the line. Shouts came from everyone and I spun Petey around in the air. That was the day I named my green cats eye shooter Lucky.
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