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I run down the street barefoot trying to catch Megan, and it doesn't take long. I am a little bit older than Megan (Mama says a year), with longer legs too. Megan says that it's not fair because I am a boy. She always says this.1

I tell her that girls can run just as fast as boys, and she crosses her arms and plops down on the only good swing on the swingset that Mama got for cheap at a yardsale in town. When she brought it home she was excited, saying, "It was a very good deal!" We don't get many things like swingsets. She also came home with a big camera that had one roll of film. She said use it carefully.2

I say to Megan, "Come inside the house, I bet that Mama will be calling us for dinner any second." She pouts and I shrug and turn to walk inside just as Mama sticks her head outside the door and yells, "Josef, Megan, dinner!" I tell Megan I told her so, and she sticks out her tongue and runs inside our house.3

For dinner we have ham sandwiches, and mine has extra mustard and a little bit of mayonnaise. Megan's has ketchup, and I think that is gross but she thinks my mustard and mayonnaise are. She can't imagine anything more gross than these two, she says. I pull my two pieces of bread apart and study what's in between.4

"They do look pretty gross," I say. "But they are yummy." Megan shrugs. We eat. When we are done and the dishes are washed Mama tells us about a surprise she has for us.5

She says, "I was thinking that maybe the three of us could go out tomorrow to town and take the camera and take pictures of us." Megan and I start jumping up and down, not being able to wait to see pictures of us on film!6

The next morning we all get inside the car that Mama got from her friend and drive into town. The first stop is the grocery store. Megan and I take turns pushing the cart, and we have fun laughing and joking. Mama gets someone to take a picture of us in front of the cereal. Megan and I think it is silly to take a picture in the grocery store, but Mama says that it is perfectly normal. Megan and I giggle.7

We go around on errands with Mama, and then Mama pulls the car up to somewhere unfarmiliar. It turns out to be a Merry-Go-Round! We pick out horses and Mama takes pictures of us on our horses. It is so much fun.8

We take the pictures to get developed and a few days later Mama comes home from work and has them in her hands. We look through them, and they are the greatest things I have ever seen.9
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