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Tied Knots

When my brother and I were nine and a half years old our dad was arrested, but unlike the previous times he was arrested this time he isn't going to have custody of us when he gets out. This time my brother, Wesavada, and I, William, were going to be living with our mom and two older half sibilings, Chelsy and Lawrence. Well there was also our step dad Larry.

We had stayed at their house for short periods at a time when our dad was arrested, but now we had to get used to the idea that daddy wasn't coming back. When we walked into their home the previous times we thought of it as a hotel now it was going to be our house. There are still those times when we look at the door still hoping that it is our dad coming to get us. Then one day our mom came into our room and sat with us; I was sure what she meant by saying,

"Boys, I know that this is hard on you, but you just need to think of this as an open book showing you a different chapter."

Today I know that she was trying to tell us that our dad wasn't coming back, but we still have a dad if we were willing to let him try.

Thursday was our birthday and we got the best present we could ever get; we got a new dad, we got Larry. Right now my mom and dad are at the courthouse handing in the adoption papers. Right now my sister is complaining about how now she has to share the computer with two more people. Lawrence, is not home right now, but a few weeks after we got here he was the first one to speak to us as part of the family. He said,

"Welcome to the family rope your knots have already been tied."

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