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A letter of Tears

By Nora6337   Dear Pa,

You left me and Ma when I was only 11 to go fight in the war. You promised us before you left that you would come back. Everyday I would stare out my window and I would watch every car that drove through the neighborhood, hoping that one day your car would pull up. Finally, 5 months later a car pulled up. Only it wasn't yours. As i stayed up stairs, I heard a loud outcry, as I hurried down stairs it was my mother, and next to her was a guy in a uniform just like the one you had on when you left. Mother sat there crying in a state of shock. The army man stood over me, and told me in my ear that you were not coming back any time soon. When the man left I asked my mom why? Why is daddy not here? Why did he brake his promise? WHY? Over the years I asked myself that question a million time's. Each day I watched my mom fall apart. She changed. The way she looked, they way she talked, the way she was. She became, bitter and cynical, every word that came out of her mouth was negative. I Remember the way mom hair would blow in the wind when she would twirl me around, at the park. Her hair was the color of wheat, and now it is the color of snow. You've caused so much stress to us, Mom could not take it anymore, in pain she struggled to stay alive, and now shes dead. Dead! My mother is dead...because of a broken heart, and a broken promise.

I now look back eleven years later to now, when I am 21. I just wish that you would of been there when I grew up. I think mother would of tried to hold on if she knew that there was hope. I think it was the fact that you promised mom that you would never leave your family. Leave her, it wasn't that she wasn't capable of living, it was that she didn't want to. I understand why, I grew up With no parents. Sure mom was around, but she wasn't there, not there when I graduated Middle school, prom, my first date, Graduation. What was even worse was that she died two years before I met the Man I married, I asked him to promise to never leave, never leave me or my two girls. If he decided to leave we would go with him. He was the best thing that ever happened to me, I just wish that you were to here to see it, to witness the Man whose made my View on fathers different. He treats our children with respect and thinks about what were to happen if he left. He thinks about his Family, which I thought you would of done.

If only you would not of broke your promise....

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