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A Suicide Note To My Family

By Karen Lynn Vidra To my Family:

This is Trevor writing. I am so miserable, and I can't go on with what has happened. I don't see any reason for my even BEING here.

First of all, I am mad because Ashley dumped me one too many times; what does SHE SEE IN THAT G**D*** TODD? Just because HE is a FOOTBALL GOD she has to DUMP ME???? She has hurt me for the last time, and I AM NOT going to let her get to me EVER AGAIN!!!! I have HAD it with that ASHLEY!!!!!

Second, mom, you divorced dad; WHY couldn't you have just learned to get along instead of fighting all of the time???? WHY were you guys ALWAYS so UNHAPPY?? Did I do ANYTHING to make you guys split up??

I feel as though the reason behind your divorce is MY FAULT.

I am sorry for smoking that weed; I was suckered into smoking it, and it just sorta' got out of hand. I am sorry if I got into drugs; but things at school were JUST SO BAD!! I couldn't stand the teachers HASSLING me so much, and the bullies pickin' on me because I am so fat and so ugly!! And you did NOTHING but put me down about my weight and keep putting me on those FRIGGIN' DIETS!! WHY couldn't you have ACCEPTED ME FOR WHO I WAS, NOT FOR WHAT I WAS?? It would have made my life SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE!!!!!!

By the time you read this, I will be gone. I am sorry if I was such a disappointment to you. I will no longer bother you ever again, this is the reason why I have decided to do this. So don't EVEN TRY to talk me outta' this; my mind has been made up, and I feel this is the easiest solution for me and my problems. You won't have to put up with my fat bulk any longer, and I feel that you will be better off without me cluttering your life.

So, goodbye. Love, your son, Trevor.

Author's Note: This is a fictional letter. I am *NOT SUICIDAL*; this was a story that just popped into my head, and I was writing from the viewpoint of a desperate teenager who had a lot of problems in his life. I WAS suicidal once in my life (NEVER tried it, though; just had the thoughts of it), but Jesus has delivered me of that past hurt, and I sorta' had to go back in time to do this story. I hope to teach young people that suicide IS NOT THE ANSWER; it is so final, and once it happens, you can't come back. So please don't get to this point; if you are having ANY suicidal thoughts, PLEASE call for help (suicide prevention or any crisis hot line; they are free calls!!) WITHOUT delay, or TALK to a trusted family member, or, if you can't talk to your family, a friend, or even your pastor if you are having these dark thoughts. It is IMPORTANT that you do this WITHOUT DELAY!!!!! Suicide is NOT WORTH IT, and too many families are affected by this needless and senseless tragedy!! Don't add to the numbers; there are MANY people who care for you, and they love you!!
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