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A Day In The Life Of...

"A Day in the life of …" As I lay snuggled in bed, I could see the morning sun peeking through the windows of my room.I must have hit the snooze button a dozen times, avoiding the inevitable. It was Monday and another long day of tedious work lay before me. For once, I wished my attitude were one of happiness about heading to my office. However, as always, I began the day with a pit in my stomach… never knowing how the day would progress. With hesitation, I rolled out of bed. My warm shower felt soothing on my face, causing me to forget the work-a-day's troubles, if only for one brief second. I wiped away the fog from the mirror and combed through my jet-black hair, then proceeded to my spacious bedroom. The large walk-in closet that my wife insisted upon held such a bright light that I began to squint… still I was able to locate a nice pinstriped suit and tie. “Dressing for success” my boss called it.I grabbed my briefcase and my breakfast, consisting of a cold pastry, and began the hour-long drive to work. Although I knew it was important for me to keep my nerves in check, I was constantly reminding myself that the day was going to be different from Friday the week before. "Everything is going to be just fine."As I strolled in, trying to appear as if I was 'Mr. Cool' and not already nervous, through my office door, I instantly became aware of the same old pressures. A call from a certain someone about how unhappy they were with my job performance sets the day's mood. My stomach rolls; my anger rises. With this company, my experience had been that it would never matter how much time and effort I put into a project, the response from the customers or my boss would never be what I wanted to hear. "Was it that my expectations were too high?" Still, I keep a positive mind and attempt to get through the rest of the day, pretending that the comments did not upset me. Lunch, ah' yes lunch. At least this event was something I looked forward to during the day. Just sitting in my car, eating lunch, while getting lost in my favorite Classical CD. Escaping from the office pressures for a while and let my mind run as if it were free.As with each day, lunch ended too soon. Back at the office, I punched the clock yet again. Goal after goal, I tackled the never-ending tasks and piles of work thrown before me. It seemed as though I can never get ahead. On schedule or off, the work never seems to become something I wanted to conquer.Five o'clock and another call came through from one of my bosses. My heart pounded. "What did I do this time?" Hanging up the telephone, my mind continues racing. It is not common for a man to show his emotions; but, when a sensitive man feels overwhelmed, the tears are inevitable. Struggling through the last thirty minutes of work, I watched the clock as if it were God himself. Minute by minute I watched. Second by second, I felt increasingly compelled to leave early. I could feel the excitement building up inside of me.Finally, five thirty hit. The noises of other employees gathering their things in order to leave the office could be heard. I began to feel safe. I packed my briefcase and headed towards home. I had made it through another day of living hell with a small amount of sanity left over. I promised myself that tomorrow would be different. "Wasn't this thought itself familiar?"During the hour-long trip home, I realized something… tomorrow would be different. Truth began to seep inside of me and it is then that I realized that the path I choose will be the path I want to take in life. I will not allow anyone to stand in the way of my hopes and dreams. Making up my mind to walk into my office the next morning with a strong stance and hand the CEO, Fred Greene, my resignation form was a foreign decision; but a good one. No one, but no one will belittle me and strip me of my pride and dignity. "I am not beneath them! I am not above them! I am equal! I have respect for myself and for others; a gift that they will never know."Tuesday morning the sun peeked through my windows as it had the day before. Only on this particular day, I chose not to hit the snooze button on my clock. Instead of the pinstriped suit, I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and my bright red shirt and headed toward my office. No pit in my stomach, just a smile upon my face. A piece of freedom lay beside me. A new day had come… all I had to do now was remember why it had changed? Written by: Tamara Dailey-KeurCopyrighted © September 2003 Digi-Tall News & Media .  
Life is not a dream
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