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Nothing Under Rocks

I took a stroll down to the pond this afternoon. When I arrived at the shoreline I began searching out smooth flat pebbles to skip across the surface. And so I did, several times until, while picking up a new pocketful of skipping stones, I saw a larger rock underneath. The rock was totally unsuitable to skipping but I felt compelled to see it better and I moved a handful of pebbles, and another, until, though so much more was exposed I still could not see the edge of the rock. So I moved yet more stones, and I began to find finally an edge, and I dug.  I dug until I dug out soil with my bare hands. The sun rose high, my sweat mixed with the dirt until some feet later I discovered another ledge to the rock. The time I spent digging had positioned the sun perfectly to shine down my little hole, so that I could perceive a glitter. I spat hard into the hole and rubbed vigorously with my thumb so that I felt like it might snap backwards, until I saw the most edifying thing. Etched into a solid rock, inlaid with gold, encrusted with jewels, was a signature. It read, God.
Poor Guy
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