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Mailman Is Dad

A father is passing by his son's room while he is praying before bed. He overhears the little boy's prayer.

"Thank you God for everything.  Goodnight mom, goodnight dad, goodbye granpa."  The father is curious why the "goodbye granpa"

The next morning at 3:00 AM, the man and his wife are notified that the granpa passed away.  The man is curious, and decides to listen to his childs prayers again.

"Thank you God for everything.  Goodnight mom, goodnight dad, goodbye Spot." The next day, the dog died.

"Whoa," the man thought, "we really have something here!"  He listened to his son that night.

"Thank you God for everything.  Goodnight mom, goodbye dad." The man nearly chokes.  "Goodbye dad???"

He knows what it means.  So he proceeds to do all the things he never did.  He makes love to his wife on the kitchen counter, goes to work the next day and sleeps with his secretary in front of his boss.  He goes to a bar, runs up a $500 tab, but still is not dead.  He walks home, along the train tracks... He gets to his home, and his wife is in tears.

"Honey whats wrong?

"I've had the worst day..."

"You think you're day was bad?  I just..."

"I woke up to find the mailman dead on the porch!"


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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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