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Hell Commercial

A good man just died and was at the gate into Heaven.  At the gate, an angel sai he was qualified to enter Heaven and live there ever after.  The man was so proud and happy that after all his years of being good, he was rewarded with a life in Heaven.  However, before making the decision for the rest of his enternal life, he asked the angel to let him see what Heaven looked like.  The angel agreed and showed him the DVD of life in Heaven. In it he saw a quiet place with people who all dressed in white, sat quietly, read bibles.  He thought, Wow! such a peaceful place.

Then out of curiosity, he asked the angel if he could see Hell too just to know.  The angel granted his wish, took him to a devil and told the devil of the man’s wish.  The devil proceeded to show the man the DVD of life in Hell.  There, he saw a place so noisy with all the rock music, people dancing around, laughing, drinking beer, smoking, gambling, flirting, all the “sinful” stuff.  Startled but realizing that his past life was so boring, and he did not want to go thru that again for eternity.  So the man confessed to the devil his preference for a sinful life, and asked to be allowed into Hell instead. The gate of Hell was opened and he was let in.  Then suddenly everything changed.  Looking in the left, fire was everywhere and people were screaming as they were being barbequed by devils.  In the right were people in a pool treading panickingly in dirty smelly sewage water filled with human waste, waiting to be cooked.  In the front were people being fried in large pans of hot oil.  So scared, he frantically ran back to the Hell gate, asking the devil why what he saw earlier was different.

"You saw our commercial”, the Devil said.

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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