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Made For U

As Christmas break started to fly away, Darlene knew that she was starting to like Kendra. Darlene was a bisexual girl who had experience with both while Kendra was a straight girl who was very much on the shy side with boys. One day Darlene decided to tell Kendra she liked her, once she told Kendra she immediately regretted it. Kendra said, "aww thats cute but u know im not like that, ur a great girl its just that i dont see u that way". Darlene responded, "oh yah i know ur straight, i just wanted to tell u", Ever since that day, Darlene feared loosin Kendra as a friend. Suprisingly Kendra was still the same around her. One day Kendra was ramblin on about how she could be a better lesbian than Darlene so they decided to make a bet to see which one of them could get a girl to fall in love with them first. Darlene had choosen a girl named Lilah and weird enough Kendra had choosen Darlene. After a couple of days Darlene decided to change her girls and try and make Kendra fall in love with her. As the months began to pass, love began to grow. Darlene fell in love with Kendra, and Kendra who was a straight girl who had fallen in love with Darlene. As they both confessesed there feelings to one another they were left in a jam of what was next? Darlene decided to ask Kendra to be her girlfriend and she said yes. Darlene had fallen for this girl who made her smile non stop, no matter what was going on. Darlene asked Kendra, "do you think what we have is real"? Kendra would reply, "as long as ur with me then of course it is". There love remained a secret because if anyone were to find out the truth then Kendra could get into alot of trouble with her parents. Many times Darlene feared for kendra's image at school. She did not want her to be called a dyke when really she wasnt. Darlene would break up with Kendra hopin that the two of them not near each other as much would stop the rumors but it never worked. Darlene began to mess up more and more, she began to cheat and hurt Kendra on a weekly basis, but each time Kendra would take her back. As summer began to near, Darlene had finally ended there relationship, she feared that summer would tear them apart so she wanted to end it before they ended up hurtin each other. All summer long Darlene tried to get over kendra but she couldnt. She cried many nights for her wishin she could turn back time. Then one day Darlene decided enough was enough. She missed Kendra so much that she decided to try and get one last chance to be with her. Darlene had hurt Kendra so much, that over the summer Kendra began to lose faith in their love. Darlene decided that she would wait forever for Kendra. Every day Darlene worked on winnin back her woman, darlene loved her so much that she couldnt stop fightin for her love. Then one day Kendra told Darlene, "Dar, i love u so much, ive never loved anyone like you before, but no one has ever hurt me so much like u have this past year. I wanna give u another chance so bad, but im afraid that u will leave me again like always. U will always have my heart but im not sure if we will work out". Darlene began to drown herself in her tears and say, "please have faith in me, have faith in us again. i was so dumb to hurt u before but i was scared that ppl would find out about u and me, ill always love u, u are my heart, and i know that god made u just for me".
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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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