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Love in the Hardest

(by Inm) Collins walk home was longer than it should have took. He had stopped several time to but his hands on his face and sob... Ryan was gone, forver. He would even have a funeral. The sky evenually turned gray and it began to thunder in some far of place. He finally stepped into his home and feel into his mothers arms.

"I'm, I'm so sorry," she said.

Collin did not reply he just allowed his tears to roll of his face and onto his mothers shoulder. hen the hug was broken he fell onto the couch and began to cry, and cry. He let the tears soak the pillow that supported his head. He finally draged himself up and to his room. He had to pack. he was leaving his home in two days.


Collin was packed and ready for the University of Texas. He hugged his mother good bye and of coarse she began to cry. He hugged his father and he said, "The moment you graduate I'm haveing a good cigar with you." Collin had looked foward to going to college, it was something to take his mind off of Ryan. The taxi to the air port had already arrived and waiting. He said his last good byes and got into the taxi and told the driver where to go. Collin sat silently as the familiar sights of his home town melted away to the crowded city. When he arrived at the airport he paid the taxi driver, plus a tip for his early arival. The air port was huge with people pilots, and flight attendents where moving in and out of several sets of double doors. The inside was sleek and new there was much art work that Collin admired as he age lunch. His plane had been partially delayed and he had time to chill. He sat in a seat listening to smashing punpkins on his iPod. He caught sight of his plane and waited near by the boarding door.

"Boarding First class, Dalas Texas."

That was Collin. The first class cabin was very inpresive. The seats where luxureiouse, the service was better, and the food was incredible. The trip was 3 hours long. Collin quicky fell asleep and slept for most of the trip. He was awoken by a atendent who had to tell the seat up right and the tray table thing. The landing was almost perfectly on time. The college was just up the road and then he'd begin in his degree in therapy.


Collin was having a great time at his college. He was the star player on his baseball team, and the most popular kid in his class. He was doing well with school work as well. His mind had been completely erased of Ryan and he was able to make some friends and admire some other guys. The one admired the most was not a student but a faculty member. He was a mexican and Collin was able to chat with him every so often. He had revealed the he did cross the border legaly. He had aslo let on that he was single and that he was willing to try out other things. Collin and him had become quite the friends. His name was Paco. He was a 21 year old six foot man with the most ripped body. Collin had developed him self and was very satisfied with his body, but Paco, working almost all his life, was not just ripped. He could ift the school if he wanted to.

"Hey Paco whats up," said Collin pasing him in the hallway.

"Not much," replied Paco in his spanish accent whiched turned Collin on.

"I was wondering if would like to catch a movie with me and some of my friends," Collin said putting his books in front of his crotch.

"Ci," said Paco with a smile. Collin could tell he was exsited that he was being incuded.

"See eight thirdyish at the movie palace.


Collin could help but smile. Paco's spanish always turned him on and this is a chance to show him his felling for him.


The movie palace wasn't to crowded for the premere of "The Secret." Collin and his friends waited outside for Paco because they'd already bought tickets. tem minutes before the beging previews his red Honda rolled into to parking lot. Paco was wearing jeans that had been slightly torn and a sleeveless shirt. the shirt some what tight revealed his muscles and most of his dark skin.

"Hey Paco happy to see you could join us."

"Thanks for inviting me."

Collin was wearing cacky shorts, a plad shirt, and a leather jacket.

The movie wasn't to packed so the six happy kids filled the front row, Collin was sitting next to Paco. The lights dimmed and sound filled the theater as the movie began. The production was and hour and a half pleanty of time to get thing going with Paco. In fact one fourth of the way in Paco put his arm around Collins shoulder. Collin did not ubject. He leaned against Paco's manly body and let out a small sigh. At least he knew the he liked him. Paco turned his head and looked at him. He pushed Collins chin up. Collin knew what was happening. He drew he face closer and closer until their lips touched. Paco's lips tasted like candy. Collin allowed him to roll his touge in and explore the inside of Collin's mouth. He didn't care if his friends saw him, he had told them he was bi. the kiss parted and Paco brushed Collins cheek. The moved the hairs from his forehead and then the connected again.


The movie had ended seconds after another one of thier kisses. Parker offered Collin a ride home but he said Paco had already asked. Collin stepped into the car and Paco kisssed him again.

"Paco we going to your place or mine?" Asked Collin

"My place," he said putting to car into reverse.

The car lurched backwards and then sped down the street t a shappy 1 by 1 mile trailer park. Paco's trailer was newer than the others. it was white and had a extention on it. when Collin entered he saw the small kitchen a mess, the T.V. area covered with beers and the bed room at the end of the hallway. When he got there he saw clothes and garbage littered the floor. His bed had blue sheets and a small night stand. Paco took off his shirt which instantly made Collin hard. Paco opened the night stand and took out some variose objects found one thing and dropped it on the floor. Collin removed the jacket and began to remove his shirt. Paco pushed him onto the bed before that happened and undressed him his self. He pulled everything off except for Collins boxers. Paco then removed his shoe's and pants revealing he had on briefs. Collin let out a timy giggle and posistioned him self better on the bed. Paco pulled himself on top of Collin and kissed his neck. They rolled around a bit kissing and bitting each others. Paco finally slipped Collins under wear off and alot rougher than Ryan just dived right in. He sucked and licked and finally alowed Collin to come. Then Collin feel onto his knees and removed Pacos breifs. He was much larger than Ryan and much more aggresive. He thrust into Collins mouth and let Collins tounge do little work. Paco finally came and a cry of pleasure came from his partner. They fell fast asleep holding hand and touching thy's. Collin had finally stopped greaving for Ryan. He had found a new love. Paco, and they would begin anew.

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