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The New Kid

(by Mike) He was gorgeous. The new kid walked into the room, I didn’t see much point in him moving schools in the last year, but looking at his chiselled body made me realise that it doesn’t matter when he came to my school; all that mattered was that he did. His hair was emo, it was dyed red and it looked so hot. I loved him as soon as I saw him.

He was ordered to sit next to me, I wasn’t complaining, just blushing violently. That’s all I need the most gorgeous guy ever sitting next to me and I look like a tomato. I could have at least been able to blush without him looking directly at me. I must look like a retard.

I had to ‘look after’ him throughout the week, getting to know him. I learned all his turn-ons and turn-offs within the first day. I didn’t mean to, he just started talking, he was so open, he was adorable. We could talk about nothing for ages. His first day and we were both shouted at for talking. Not my fault that I just open up around him.

He chose the best day to come as well. Hockey last lesson, watching him taking his top off was breath taking, His rock hard abs and perfectly moulded chest. I was in heaven, he had to be mine, he was giving off all the right vibes, he must like me, he has to like me. If he doesn't like me, I'll be heart broken and have to leave the country, or worse.

Although seeing him flirting with that girl after school didn't help. She was all over him, I felt so jealous, I wanted to run over and shout at her that he was mine and only mine, screw everyone else. What kind of a slut would do that to my babe? I just ran home a locked myself in my room for the rest of the night.

The next day I found out that he moved schools because of bullying. Could the bullying have been because of my theories? It must be. He must be. Why would such a good looking guy with such an amazing personality be bullied? Although the girl yesterday. Well gay guys flirt with girls to. That must be it. After one day I have become smitten and no wonder, we have so much in common, and the gorgeous thing also contributes to it.

At lunch, he was just sitting alone. He looked alone, he looked upset, I could break that, it would be so easy, I could be his guardian angel. Although, what if I'm wrong I'll humiliate myself.

I went and sat by him anyway; he looked up, smiled at me and went back to his lunch. Yes a smile, thats something, at least he sees me as a friend.

I asked what was wrong; he said that he missed his old friends, especially one in particular called Sam. I didn’t quite understand this because he had only moved schools and not areas. I queried this and he said that Sam didn’t talk to him now because of something that he had told him. That something must be it. What else can it be?

This is when I asked if he would like to meet up after school, I didn’t mean to, it just came out. He agreed and started beaming at me. I wasn’t used to this, I had very little friends, I preferred to be by myself, but I felt different round him, he sent a tingling down my spine, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him last night, it was weird. I've never been this in love before. But at least he agreed to meet with me, thats a start.

After biology we met up, we walked into the centre of the town and settled down in a quiet coffee shop. It was very romantic with gentle songs playing in the background, all describing the benefits of love. The little red candles in the middle of the tables, glowing slightly with their little orange flames. Plus the table cloths matching the red of the candels. It was very romantic and dreamy. It was perfect.

We sat there talking until the café closed and we were told to leave. We decided to walk down to the beach. There was a beautiful sunset sending an orange glow across the sky and bathing everything in its path in its rich colour. It made his face look a lot more manly and more handsome. If that was possible.

We stopped by a secluded rock where we couldn’t be seen. Did he have something planned? We’ve only known each other for two days. Why did he choose this spot? Theres nothing special about it.

We sat down on the soft warm sand. He leant towards me, I was feeling confused yet happy to be sitting here with him. It was weird; I’ve never felt like this before especially towards someone like him.

We sat and talked for a little while longer; he had grabbed my hand and was leaning on my shoulder as we were talking. It felt so right. I could feel his breath on my torso. I never wanted this scene to end.

We then came back to the subject of his old school. He started to explain why he was bullied there and the answer to this was blurted out clumsily;

“I’m gay and everyone at my old school were homophobic bastards”

This was the answer I was waiting for; I smiled when I heard this. Although I felt so angry that anyone could bully such a genuine and nice person. He didn't deserve that. He saw me smiling and smiled himself; he knew I felt the same as he did. He leant in and our lips locked together, his tongue slowly moved into my mouth and he pushed me back onto the sand into a position which made us horizontal. We spread our legs out and I could barly feel his weight on top of me, I was so dazed with love. His tongue traced my lips and slowly retreated, only to come back stronger than before.

We kissed for what felt like an eternity. His lips came away from mine, I opened my eyes slowly and looked up at him smiling. He was still bathed in golden sunlight, he looked like a god. It was a dream come true, a dream I had only had for a day, but a dream all the same.

He lay down next to me and we watched the sun go down together, it was the most beautiful scene I had seen in my life, shared with the most beautiful person I had seen in my life.

We walked back to his house in the moon light, holding hands and ignoring the strange looks and comments from passers by, we were in love and that’s the only thing that mattered in the world.

We reached his house, he unlocked the door, we walked in and closed it behind us.
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