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Only his heart can tell

(by douitashimash) Yuki stared at the window next to him in class. The most boring class that he ever had is solar system history. A movement on the ground caught his eye. A student was walking outside. He thought he knew everyone here, but it seems that one slipped by. He wondered it he was known here since he looked like her was lost. The guy was pretty good looking, the guy turned to him as though he felt that he was staring at him. His eyes connected with yuki, it was so intense that he couldn’t pull his eyes away from him. He didn’t notice that his teacher was yelling at him.

“Yuki, close your mouth” Mr. Yamasaki ordered to Yuki.

Yuki turned to his teacher, “I’m sorry, Mr. Yamasaki” he said. He turned back to the window, the guy was gone. Yuki scanned the grounds but he wasn’t there. The door to the room slid opened. Yuki turned to the door, his face paled.

“Hey. Yuki, I think we have a new kid here!” his friend Ohara whispered to Yuki behind him.

Yuki noticed that all the girls were staring at the new kid. Then one of the girls blushed and began giggling, then all the other girls begin to giggle. Yuki looked at the new kid; he was looking directly at him. Yuki face blushed, his friend knocked at his desk.

“Yuki, you’re blushing, anyways. Look at my Mari; she’s one of the girls that are giggling. Every time we have a new kid here, all the girls are over them. Why do we have all the pretty new kids here?” Toru said looking at his crush.

“I know, look at my Akasha. She totally has a crush on him” Ohara said. He laid his head on his hands.

“Okay, ladies. Be quiet!” Mr. Yamasaki ordered. The girls quieted and stared only at the new kid. “Good, we have a new student among us today, this is Endo Masumoto. He just moved here from Osaka, please welcome Endo”

Everyone welcomed him excepted for the guys with the crushes and Yuki. Yuki couldn’t help but stare at Endo.

“Now, Endo, Let’s fine a seat for you. Yuki, raise your hand” Mr. Yamasaki ordered to the back.

Yuki automatically raised his head without knowing why he had to.

“Endo, there’s an empty seat next to Yuki. Now go have a seat” Mr. Yamasaki said. Mr., Yamasaki went back to lecturing to the other students.

Yuki became nervous when Endo walked down his aisle to the seat next to him. His hand started to sweat; he wiped his hand against his uniform.

“I forgot to mention, Yuki you will help Endo with going to his next class” Mr. Yamasaki said.

“Yes, sir” Yuki responded. ‘Great, now I have to take him to his next class?’ he thought.

The bell rang for the class to end, Yuki waited until everyone left until he helped Endo. “What’s your next class?” Yuki asked Endo.

Endo rose from his seat. He looked at the guy that he saw at the window. “I don’t need any help” Endo said harshly, he walked to the door.

“Wait, is there anything I can do for you?” Yuki asked. He followed Endo.

Endo stopped at the door, he opened the door. He turned back to Yuki. “I’ll be fine on my own” he said grinning and then walking out the door and slamming it in Yuki face.

“That jerk!” Yuki said to the empty classroom. He pulled opened the door, scanned the hallway but there was no Endo. He ignored his feelings of Endo and stride to his next class.

Endo turned his head again after he saw the mad look on Yuki face. From the first moment he saw Yuki, he wanted him. He gently rammed his head against the wall. He picked up his backpack again and went to his next class.

Yuki and his friends went to the lunch room; they were laughing and joking around. Yuki stopped short when he saw Endo sitting at a table surrounded with girls.

Ohara behind him saw the same thing. “Man, look at him. He’s enjoying being surrounded by girls. My Akasha is there too!”

Yuki ignored Ohara and grabbed a lunch plate. So did everyone else. When they got there food they sat at there original table. Every do often he looks at Endo, he didn’t know why he was jealous of the girls around him. A smile came on Endo face, from the looks of it, it was forced on.

“Yuki, the bell ranged, time for class” Toru said tapping Yuki on the shoulder.

“Okay” Yuki said he looked down at his half eaten food and dumps it in the trash.

Yuki sat in his usual seat in his chemistry class. The door opened to reveal Endo again. Endo was seated next to him again. Yuki reminded himself not to sit next to an empty desk. He went through the class without turning to look at Endo. He was tempted but he resisted. Finally the bell ranged again, he quickly walked out of the class.

“Yuki, who do you think Endo is sleeping with?” Toru asked as he met him next to his locker.

“What?” Yuki said.

“You know as in the sleeping arrangements, who do you think he will have to share a room with?” Toru said.

“I don’t know” Yuki said, he felt stupid.

“I think its you, you are the only one that is living by yourself.” Ohara said entering the conversation.

“Hope not” Yuki commented. He walked toward his room.

“Yuki, we are going to get something to eat, you want to come with?” Ohara asked.

“Nah, I have things to do, thanks anyways” Yuki said.

“Okay, see you later” Ohara said running to catch up with the guys.

Yuki entered his room, dumping his stuff on his desk, he dropped to his bed, and he forgot to close his door. There was a knock. Yuki raised his head; it was Endo with bags next to him.

“What do you want?” Yuki demanded. He rose from his bed and stood up.

“Such a nice welcome for your new roommate” Endo mocked.

“You’re serious?” Yuki asked.

“I believe so” Endo said, he picked up his stuff again and dumped it on the bamboo floor.

“Since we are roommates, there should he ground rules” Yuki said.

“Okay” Endo said. He closed his mind from Yuki as he listed the rules to him. He noticed that Yuki was cute mad. He was so cute that he wanted to kiss him.

“Are you listening to me?” Yuki asked.

“Maybe” Endo said. He walked to the bathroom and opened the door. He stepped in the bathroom. “I have only one rule”

“What?” Yuki asked.

“Don’t order me around. I’ll do whatever I please without your permission” Endo said then closed the bathroom door.

“I hate you!” Yuki yelled at the door. Yuki went back to his bed. He closed his curtain and turned on his bed lamp on the wall. He opened his favorite book and began to read. The bathroom door opened, Yuki can smell the mist from the shower. He concentrated back to his book. He can hear Endo climbed to his bed above him. Then his certain opened, Endo face appeared out of nowhere.

“I want to apologize for being rude to you this morning” Endo said calmly.

“Okay” Yuki said from his book, he didn’t want to look at Endo again or he would blush again.

“Okay…” Endo repeated. He closed Yuki’s curtain and went back to his own bed.

The next morning Yuki was the first to wake up. He raised his hands over his head and yawned. He stood up and climbed up to Endo’s bed.

“Wake up, Endo. Time to get ready for school” Yuki said shaking Endo legs.

“Fine” Endo muttered. He rose from his bed. He saw that Yuki was blushing. “What’s wrong?”

“Nn…nothing” Yuki said, he stared at Endo. Endo was oblivious that he wore no shirt. Yuki quickly climbed down Endo’s bed. Almost slipping on his way down, he quickly ran to the bathroom.

Yuki went to the bathroom; he started to brush his teeth ignoring the thoughts in his head about Endo shirtless. He stared at himself in the mirror, he was all red, and he couldn’t believe he blushed because Endo was shirtless.

Endo was in the main room, looking confused at what just happened. He smiled at himself; Yuki was adorable when he was blushing. He looked down, he was shirtless. He remembered that some time in the night, it was hot. He took off his shirt. Endo finally figured why Yuki was blushing, he grinned at himself. He knew what can make Yuki blush, himself!

The bathroom door opened, Endo walked pass him, ignoring him and went straight to the shower. Endo turned on the water and started to undress right in from of Yuki, not concerning about his nudity.

Yuki jaw dropped when Endo was fully naked in front of him. Endo climbed in the shower leaving the shower curtain open on purpose. Yuki toothbrush fell to the floor, he bents down to retrieve it but he was still staring at Endo naked form washed in water. He water glazed Endo’s fabulous body; he was tone but still looked hot. He wondered if he was in a sport or that he just worked out. Yuki blindly placed his toothbrush back on the sink, uncaring where it landed. He felt himself hardening; he was hot over a guy, over Endo. Yuki quickly ran out of the bathroom into the main room, he quickly changed and ran out the door before the bathroom door opened.

Endo grinned at himself again when he saw that Yuki ran out of the bathroom. He can see that his face was more than blushing; he can see his face by the mirror by the door. All day Endo was surrounded with girls around, he should be glad but he felt that he was lonely. Yuki was ignoring him, not even looking at him. He felt hurt that Yuki was ignoring him; he wanted Yuki to notice him, like him, love him.

At lunch Yuki sat with his friends, Endo walked toward Yuki and sat next to him. Yuki turned in surprise.

“Hey, we didn’t ask you to sit here” Ohara demanded.

“Do you want the girls here or not?” Endo asked Ohara.

“That’s a good point. Let the man stay” Taki said, another one of Yuki friends.

“But…Hi, Akasha” Ohara said smiling at her. Akasha has been his crush since he saw her.

“Ohara, can we sit with you?” Akasha asked. Giving Ohara a big smile.

“Yes, yes. Mari you can sit next to me” Toru said, pushing Taki to make room for Mari. She sat down on the bench.

Ohara and Toru secretly smiled at each other. Then they turned and smiled at Endo.

Endo smiled back, but it did not reach his eyes. He was in luck when the girls went to talk to the guys. Girls were not his type, Yuki was. Endo sat quietly with Yuki, letting the girls make conversation. Endo accidentally dropped his chopstick to the floor, when someone bumped into him from the back. Yuki bend down to get it, he gave it to Endo.

“Thanks” Endo said, he touched Yuki’s hand then slowly retrieved his chopstick from Yuki. From the looks of his face, he felt the same spark between them, when they touched.

“Yuki, your blushing” Mari commented from her side of the table. Everyone turned to Yuki.

Yuki stood up from the bench and ran from the table, out of the lunch room.

“Please excuse me” Endo excused himself, running after Yuki.
Yuki ran until he reached the empty music room at the other side of the school. The walls were sound proof, so they couldn’t hear him. He went to the corner to the room, trying to calm himself. The music room opened to reveal Endo.

“Will you stop it?” Yuki yelled at Endo when he closed the door.

Endo walked toward Yuki. “Stop what?” he asked to Yuki. Endo blocked Yuki to the corner.

Yuki looked at his chest instead of his face. He tired to escape but Endo gathered in closer. Both of Endo hand on the side of Yuki face. Endo leaned in closer until he was one inch from Yuki. “Stop what?” Endo said again.

Yuki turned his face to the other side of the room. He faced Endo again when Endo gently touched hid chin and turned him to him. Endo lifted his chin; Endo bent his head and kissed Yuki on the lips, gentle and sweet. Yuki opened his mouth to Endo, deepening the kiss. Endo tongue touched his, mating with his. Yuki raised his hand from his side to Endo shirt. He pulled Endo closer to him, there body touching.

Endo finally lifted his head a while later. They were both breathing hard, their lips swollen from the kiss.

Yuki remembered where he was at; he opened his eyes, staring in Endo’s eyes. Yuki touched his swollen lips, his lips still tingles from his kiss. His first, his first kiss by Endo. Yuki never knew a kiss can be that dramatic, that wonderful, and that beautiful.

“Say something” Endo whispered, he was nervous of what Yuki’s reaction would be. When Yuki touched himself on the lips, he body turned into nervousness. He wanted to see if Yuki hated him for kissing him.

“Ah…” Yuki said, he didn’t know what to say. He never had been in this situation before.

Endo hugged Yuki to him, leaning his head on his shoulder. His nervousness disappeared, he hugged him even closer. He can hear the continuous beat of Yuki’s heart. He felt safe with Yuki’s in his arms.

“Endo, let me go” Yuki asked. He couldn’t breathe; he was holding him too tightly. Endo quickly complied. Yuki walked out of the room, out on Endo.

Endo stood there alone, wondering what had just happened. He kissed Yuki, which was amazing, and then Yuki left him, without a good bye. He turned to the open door, Yuki figure dematerializing away. He went back to his room, he opened the unlocked door. Endo reminded himself that they should lock the door more often. Endo enters the empty room except Yuki, lying on his bed, with his face in his pillow. He remembered what Yuki felt like against him, he was so delicious to hold.

Yuki turned to the door; it was Endo standing at the door. His face blushed red of looking at the swollen lips of Endo. He turned back to his pillow and placed his head facedown his pillow so that he couldn’t see anything. He thought he would be in class, but instead he is at the door. He didn’t want to go to class because he knew that his friends would ask him questions why he ran out on lunch.

“I thought you went to class” Endo said breaking the silence.

“Hmm, hm hmm hm hmm” Yuki said to his pillow.

“What?” Endo asked. He couldn’t hear what he said against his pillow.

Yuki sat up from his bed; he turned to face head on to Endo. “I didn’t want to” he repeated.

Endo went toward Yuki’s bed. He placed a hand on the upper rail of the bed and leaned over. “What do you want?” he whispered to Yuki.

Yuki lips parted when he saw the lust in Endo’s eyes. His body took over, Yuki pulled Endo shirt toward him, giving Endo a passionate kiss. He lay down again, bring Endo down with him.

Endo was surprise of Yuki boldness; it disappeared when Yuki kissed him again. Endo took over the kiss this time. His body heated up quickly, only Yuki can smother the fire inside him. He ripped of Yuki’s shirt and began to lick his neck.

Yuki arched his body against Endo, he moaned as Endo lightly pinched his nipple. Endo mouth went down to his fingers that are on Yuki’s nipple. Licking and sucking until they were hard. One of his hand journeys to Yuki’s pants. Endo quickly opened his pants and slid his hand inside. He touched the hardness; it was soft in his hands. He can Yuki’s breathing turned to short breaths. Endo rubbed Yuki slowly, letting him know that he was here. While one hand was still holding Yuki, his other hand pulled the rest of the pants off of Yuki’s legs.

Yuki didn’t know what to do with his hands, he pulled Endo shirt over his head, showing his delicious body. He glade his hand all over his chest, taking a groan from Endo.

“Do it again” Endo whispered.

Yuki repeated the torture getting a deeper, longer groan from Endo. Endo hand stroked even faster than before, pleasure rising from nowhere. Endo other hand moved to his ass. Endo gently dipped a finger in his ass. He thrusts his finger inside of Yuki.

“What are you…..oh….ah….Im…Im coming!” Yuki yelled out. His body shaking, then he came. His heart beat slowed down after a while. Endo finger was still stroking him. Endo placed another finger with the first one. Yuki body begins to heat again.

“No more, I can’t take it” Yuki pleas.

“I can’t stop, I need to be inside you” Endo said. He removed his finger, unzipped himself. He took out is d*ck and guide it to the opening of Yuki’s *ssh*le. He pushed in slowly, so only the tip of him was inside Yuki.

“Oh…more” Yuki begged. He wanted him deeper in him.

Endo couldn’t say no to that, he place his lips on Yuki’s. In one hard thrust he was fully inside of Yuki. Yuki let out a scream, Endo covered his mouth closer to Yuki’s. Yuki finally relaxed, Endo pulled back and pushed back in. he thrusts faster and faster.

“Harder, Endo, harder” Yuki asked. He pulled Endo on top of him. Wrapped his legs around his waist, deepening the penetration.

Endo couldn’t believe what a horny guy, Yuki was. He liked it. He stroked harder, grabbing Yuki ass and moving it in the same rhyme as his thrusts. In two deep thrusts, Yuki screamed out again, calling out Endo’s name. Endo control snapped, he lets go and his climax overcame him.

Endo grinned at Yuki when he finally got his breath back. He felt fantastic; he was not stresses anymore that Yuki doesn’t want him.

“What are you grinning about?” Yuki asked.

“Nothing” Endo said innocently, his grin widened.

“Can you move, you’re heavy” Yuki asked

Endo moved to the side of Yuki, making sure that he was still touching Yuki. He pulled Yuki toward him, giving him a kiss on the lips.

“What’s that for?” Yuki asked, blushing.

“You are so cute when you blush, I kissed you because I wanted to” he explained.

“Oh, then you can kiss me again” Yuki said, he leaned over kissing Endo.

There was a knock on the door, they both froze and stared at the door.

“Hey, Yuki. Are you there?” Ohara said to the door. He leaned to the door, hearing nothing. “Where are you man?”

Yuki turned to Endo, he place a finger to his lips. Yuki nodded in agreement.

“Yuki, I need you!” Ohara said knocking on the door that had surprised Yuki.

Yuki blushed even more that Ohara had said that, he placed his head down. Seconds later he pulled up to see Endo face stiffened.

“No, no don’t get mad. Ohara and me are just friends” Yuki whispered to Endo. He didn’t want Endo to be mad at him.

“Yuki?” Ohara asked again. He finally gave up, figuring that Yuki was not in his room.

“That was close” Yuki said. He relaxed against Endo. “Don’t be mad, I hate it when your mad” Yuki pouted.

“So cute!!!!” Endo said out loud, he moved on top of Yuki again. “I want you again”

“Are you ever satisfied?” Yuki asked, he gasped as Endo touched him intimately again. “Ah…don’t do that!”

“Couldn’t help it” Endo said, his hand stroking Yuki slowly. He traveled down until he was in front of Yuki’s d*ck. Endo licked his lips, he licked the tip. It was smooth and silky.

“What are you…..oh!” Yuki said. Endo took the tip into his mouth, circling his tongue around the head. He sucked and moved his tongue to the length of the d*ck. Yuki moaned quietly, his body singing with pleasure.

Endo took Yuki fully into his mouth, pumping his head up and down. Sucking as he pumped.

“Going to…to…come” Yuki said, he lets out a small scream, he placed his hand in his mouth, biting his hand. He looked down to Endo; he had his cum in his mouth.

“So sweet, Yuki” Endo said dangerously sexy. Yuki blushed even more, he was so cute.

“I want to taste” Yuki said boldly.

Endo smile and leaned over to kiss Yuki. Yuki stopped him with his hands.

“No, I want to taste you” Yuki said softly that make Endo leaned even closer to hear.

Endo laid back on the bed, Yuki was next to him. Yuki didn’t know what to do; he began by kissing the tip of Endo d*ck. Endo let out a sharp hiss.

“Does that hurt?” Yuki asked concerned.

“No, no, continue. Don’t mind me” Endo said trying to get Yuki back in the program.

Yuki nodded his head and continued his torture on Endo. He licked the length of him, touching him making him expand even thicker and longer. He stroked Endo slowly, noticing how soft he was but still hard.

Endo groaned some more, his body began to shake. ‘I can hold on much longer’ Endo grabbed Yuki and turned him so that his back was facing him. “I need to be inside you” Endo whispered to Yuki.

Yuki nodded his head; he can feel Endo pulsing against him. Endo moved his hand between their bodies. He guided his d*ck to the entrance of Yuki hole. He pushed into Yuki. With Yuki muscles tightening around him, he lost his control. He trusts deep inside of Yuki, Yuki let out a small scream. Endo grabbed Yuki hips, moving them in unison with his thrusts.

Yuki tipped back his head; he arched his back so Endo can deepen the penetration. Fire rose in his body, he began to quiver as his climax came nearer and nearer.

Endo felt the same way. He thrusts harder and faster. “Can’t hold on much longer…” he moved his hand to the front of Yuki, stoking Yuki d*ck. Yuki body stiffened and his climax took over him. Endo lets go his control, letting his climax take over his body.

Yuki laid limb on Endo’s body. Restless and sated, Yuki fell in a deep sleep.

Hours later…

Yuki was the first to wake, he turned his body. Endo eyes were closed. Yuki thought he looked peaceful. He slowly rose from the bed, making sure that he didn’t disturb Endo. He walked to the bathroom and started the shower. The water was fabulous against his body, taking the sweat away. Yuki was oblivious that the bathroom door opened and someone stepped in the shower with him. Arms surrounded Yuki, surprising him.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” Endo whispered to Yuki’s ear. He lightly nibbled his ear. Licking the same, making Yuki shiver.

“I didn’t want to wake you.” Yuki commented back. He turned to face Endo. He slid his index finger up and down of Endo’s chest. He blushed when his mind went to the past hours.
“You are soooo cute when you blush!” Endo said. He pulled Yuki to him. His body reacted quickly. He became hard again.

Yuki can feel Endo hardening against him. He grinned at himself that he made Endo that way. The water brushed their body, Yuki gently lowered his hand to Endo d*ck. He heard Endo hissed. His grin widened, he stroked Endo in a low and gently movements. He felt himself also hardening, the feeling giving Endo pleasure, excited him.

Endo didn’t want Yuki to be left alone. He moved his hand to take Yuki d*ck into his hand. Giving Yuki the same torture that he is giving him. Endo movements went in unison with Yuki’s movements.

Their breathing became rapid, they knew that paradise was almost here. A few more strokes later, they collapsed on the shower door. Endo landed on Yuki, he held Yuki until he was able to control his body again. Endo raised his head, he looked at Yuki. Yuki face was flushed and he was smiling.

“What are you smiling about?” Endo asked, smiling himself.

“I never showered with anyone but myself” Yuki said. He didn’t open his eyes because the water was running on his face. He opened his eyes only a little bit, to see Endo was smiling too. “Why you’re smiling”

“Because I love you” Endo said, without thinking. He blushed at what he just said.

Yuki body froze. He didn’t know what to say. No one ever said that they love him, except his parents. Without thinking, he opened his eyes, rose from the shower floor. He grabbed Endo hands on the way up. He looked at Endo straight in the eye. “I love you too” he said. He waited for his reaction.

Endo’s eyes widened from shock. His smile returned, he grabbed Yuki and hugged him tightly.

“Endo, let go. I can’t breathe” Yuki said. He tried to remove Endo’s arms.

“Sorry” Endo said, not meaning it. He looked down at Yuki. He saw that Yuki was half erect. He thought that Yuki was sated enough, but he guessed wrong. His eyes darkened as Yuki erected harder, his d*ck grew and widened. Some pre-cum escaped at the tip of Yuki d*ck.

Yuki felt Endo glaze on his body, but mostly on this d*ck. He grew hard as Endo kept staring at him. Yuki eyes moved to Endo d*ck, it was also enlarging, most rapidly. Yuki licked his lips, the vision as Endo thrusts inside him popped into his mind.

Endo removed his hand from Yuki. He stepped closer to Yuki. He moved his hand to the back of Yuki, to his butt. The slipped his hand between Yuki’s butts cheeks until he touched his butt hole. He inserted a finger inside of Yuki. Stroking until he can insert another finger inside in Yuki, stretching Yuki, and making him moan out loud. Thrusting his fingers deep into Yuki.

Yuki head was pulled back because he couldn’t hold it up anymore. His body heated, a small but strong spark of pleasure passed through him. Yuki placed his weight against Endo. Without the help of Endo holding him up, he would have been on the shower door real quick. Yuki was taken surprised when Endo inserted another finger into him, stretching him to the Max.

Endo watched as pleasure pass through Yuki body. His own body wanting to be with the pleasure. He slowly turned Yuki until his back was facing him. With his fingers still inside of Yuki, Yuki didn’t notice that he was being moved. Endo quickly replaced his fingers with is d*ck in one deep thrust he was to the hilt of Yuki.

They both groaned in pleasure. Yuki flattened his hands against the tile wall in the shower. He arched his back to take Endo deeper into him. He pumped back into Endo, controlling the rhythm. Endo hands were on his hips, his hands tightening on his hips, signaling that Yuki should pump faster. Yuki took the signal with greed. He pumped faster and harder, with Endo thrusting behind him. Seconds later, Yuki stiffened his back and moaned so loud that Endo had to stop the noise with his mouth. Endo comes into Yuki hole.

Minutes passed between them without a sound. The bathroom was quiet except the running of the water in the shower. Endo removed himself from Yuki and turned off the water. He picked up Yuki sleeping form and carried him into the main room. He gently placed Yuki on his bed, making room for himself too. Endo lay with Yuki in his arms; he kissed Yuki on his forehead.

“I love you, Yuki. Now and forever” Endo whispered, and then closed his eyes.

“I love you too, now and forever” Yuki replied back and snuggled even closer to Endo.

Endo grinned in his sleep, with Yuki in his life. It was dreams come true. A dream that he never wanted to be a wake from.

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