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Stone Creek Woman

In honor of the Sacajawea dollar coin, STONE CREEK WOMAN represents feminist frontiers.  The lesbian character Stone Creek Woman is a half-breed modern-day Sacajawea who leads groups of battered women on a therapy trek to alpine refuge across Colorado's western frontier via llamas to get themselves back into the primal element of life in an undiluted, natural environment.

     Her 8-day medicine camp teaches alternative healing and the survival of women's societies, self-sufficiency, and sweeps female sexuality out of the closet through the healing activities of nature.

     Sage has left her abusive marriage and returned to her Colorado hometown.  She is a battered woman who feels like she is a remnant, a surviving trace, a wounded woman looking for a new start at Stone Creek Woman's medicine camp.

     A friendship comes about between Sage and a lovely Norwegian woman in the group.  Lilliehaun is a harpist who has recorded a CD live from the fishing piers in Norway and in a reindeer meadow.  She is a visiting composer in the Aspen Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado to promote her music so she can finance permanent residency in the United States for herself, her gifted eight-year-old daughter Anastasia, and her daughter's tutor, Inga.

A battered woman's life depends greatly on the ability to detect and respond to change.  The slightest shift in the scent carried by the wind alerts battered women of the predators.

Survival of the fittest favors those women who are keenly aware of the stimulus change.  Women have inherited this biological olfactory radar, but few respond to it.  When the balance is tilted, nature accepts us.

The more battered women face down their conflicts and seek out their own solutions, the more inner freedom and strength they will gain and energy is available for more positive efforts.

Think of it as when you were a little girl, wading through the piles of autumn leaves.  STONE CREEK WOMAN is a cornucopia of crisp metaphors which will dramatically change the dull colors of a woman's life and transform her into a brilliance of precious gold and fiery red.

Warm, healing metaphors pour like fall apple cider.  Sage's message narrations are entertaining and cautionary, written for and about women, which contain useful truths, and teaches the survival of women's societies.

STONE CREEK WOMAN is a messenger of beauty, calm, and smile.  Gifted with the healing arts, a women's study with Sage's self-taught wisdom, weaving old ways, and dyeing women into colorful bolts of sturdy material, offering women a spiritual trek across lands of many cultures.

Copyright 2005 Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist
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