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Meeting in the Park

(by Mike) I was walking along , thinking about him again. Why couldn't I get him out of my head, that well built body, that gorgeous hair, the eyeliner, the general hottness of him; it always frustrates me. I mean, one conversation with him sends me into a hype. Just one look at him sends chills down my spine. If he touches me, my vision goes cloudy and I blush violently. I really need to get new friends. I walked down the main road towards my road thinking about him all the way, stupid brain.

I wish he would appear without his bunch of gormless cronies. How I wish that would happen.

I turned into my road, my bag starting to get heavy on my shoulder, I hate Fridays, I always seem to have doubled the amount of books to carry than all the other days of the week, plus the extra weight of revision folders, why do I need to revise anyway? Plus I don't get to see him for another two days that never seem to end. Thats the worst part. I hate myself at the moment, I wish I had the guts to tell him how I feel, and I wish he felt the same, but who am I kidding, it will never happen, hes too good for me, I don't even know if hes gay, or even bi. If he just had a sign above his head or something, it's so d*mn confusing being me.

I turned the corner into my road, just as it began to rain. Great I'm gonna be wet and upset all in one, will my life ever get any better?

I feel my pocket vibrating, oh great. Yet another text trying to get me to top up my phone so I can get free texts. I might as well delete it. Although what’s that on the screen? It’s from him. I start smiling to myself.

I stop to read the text. I flip open the phone, read the text and to my surprise, he wants to meet me, but why? I don't really care, considering he wants to meet in five minutes at the park. Crap, will I get there in time? The park is at least a ten minute walk, I'll have to run.

I sprint the rest of the distance home, throw my bag down, say hello to my mum then sprint upstairs to get changed into my best clothes. A black, long sleeve top. Black, bootleg jeans with bronze stitching and a small pattern on the back pocket, also in bronze. Black and white vans slip-ons and a black hoody.

I run down stairs, tell my mum that I'm going out and run as quickly as I can to the park where he wanted to meet. I make it to the bench, out of breath, but alright. Next to me is a very large, very old tree, starting to blossom with bright pink blossom. A good place to shelter from the rain. Also an extremely romantic setting.

He’s late; I can not believe he’s late, only by a couple of minutes, but late all the same.

I see him walking round the corner, wearing his school uniform still, if you can call that wearing, it was so messy, but I didn't care, it just made him look even hotter than he already was. His thick emo fringe was plastered to his face because of the rain. His shirt was plastered to his body, showing his thin, yet muscular build.

He strolled over to me and invited me to sit on the bench next to where we were standing. He tells me he’s really confused, but about what? I mean, what can he find confusing?

Then it blurts out "I think I love you".

That was one thing I never thought he'd say. I mean he loves me, I thought it was the other way round. So much started flashing round my head. I could see us holding hands, kissing, cuddling up together when it rains, holding him when he was upset. Its a wonderful feeling, I hope it never goes away. I respond in the same way, we embrace and I feel like the world has gone away. I don't care that we are both soaking wet, as long as I'm with him. It’s the best feeling in the world, it couldn't be better.

We sit on the bench holding hands, ignoring the strange looks and homophobic remarks from passers by. We go behind the large tree to avoid peoples glares. I turn to look at him and he moves in before I can even tell what hes doing. His lips came into contact with mine, I kissed back and opened my mouth, inviting him to use his tongue. He was apprihensive at first, until i used mine. The kiss was pure bliss. We pulled away from each other and I opened my eyes slowly.

We left the park and walked to his house, holding hands all the way. I can't believe that it came true, my wish was granted.

We reached his house, he unlocked the door, we walked in and closed it behind us.
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